Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clueless in South Carolina

WANTED: Beginner Horse & TRAILER (SC)


I am looking to purchase a great horse and a great horse trailer.
HORSE WANTED!! (scroll down if you just have a trailer for sale)
I have already found one horse and I have him in boarding until I can find him a friend. Then I can bring him him home. I am looking for a horse for a beginner. It must be calm and laid back. Spook proof and Bomb proof. LOL It will be for me and my kids. We have ridden from 14.2hh to 16.3 hh on trail rides and lessons. We are not picky to the size. ALthough, we have been a little intimidated by the size, we do like the big ones though after we get over the initial shock of it all. LOL
The horses we get will have 3 pastures to moved back and forth from. They also have 25 acres of privately owned no hunted safe land for trails to ride . Plus we live in the country where there are dirt roads galore to ride on. I am a stay at home mom who get very bored in the daytime hours and would love nothing more than spending all my time (weather permitting, dont mind the cold, just rain talking about rain) with the horse. I can sit and watch for horse as the horse run and play in the pasture. I enjoy grooming them because I love the way a horse smells. Please let me know about the horse you have. Please include in your email a pic of the horse. (dont care much about outer beauty, just dont want to drive 2-3 hours to see a malnurished horse again). Please also inlcude a age, sex, temperment, location, conatct info, how many hands, etc. Please include this all in one email so that I can keep up with which horse is where.

We want to buy a horse trailer that is for 3 horses. We prefer a gooseneck. However, we will consider a smaller or larger capacity (2-6 horse trailer) or a bumper pull trailer if priced reasonably. WE DO NOT WANT A NEW TRAILER. We wanta used sound trailer with solid floors with little to no rust. The trailer must be a bit of steal as far as price goes. As we all know, everyone is in a pinch now. WE have calcualted in the prices of everything involved in keeping a horse healthy and happy, so we know what we are getting into. SO we need to save as much money as possible in case an emergency should arive later.
Please email me with the pic, year, model, maker, condition, capacity, price, and location of your trailer.
If it helps the trailer will be pulled with a 2009 Ford F 150 Lariat Crew Cab (dont know engine size, although I know that is the most important thing here, LOL) It does pull a 31 foot 5800 pound tag along camper without a problem. The truck is equipped with electric breaks for our camper and it has a special kind of hitch on it for the camper. We will be installing the thing for the gooseneck this week. Ok, it is obvious that I do not really know what I am talking about. However, my husband does and he will be the one to handle the trailer purchase.
Thanks and please email me with what you got!!


Anyone else think that this person has no clue what they are getting into?


  1. People that LOL a lot in a "wanted" ad scare me.

    She said: WE have calcualted in the prices of everything involved in keeping a horse healthy and happy, so we know what we are getting into. SO we need to save as much money as possible in case an emergency should arive later.

    I would like to see those calculations... I'd like to recommend more lessons. I'd like to have her clean stalls everyday for a few months, and see if she still thinks she'd like that instead of being bored during the day... And perhaps work at a rescue or lesson barn and learn how to soak an abcessed foot everyday and wrap it, or care for wounds every day, or see what handwalking a multiweek stallbound "big one" that they think they'll like... Although they would probably just let the horse stay in the field, or perhaps not even notice or care that a horse has pulled a tendon or ligament... (and there are worse things than pasture rest for a soft tissue injury, but we all know there are a lot of variables for that to work out well).

    It sounds like they have a little property, and hopefully they have figured out maintaining those pastures and upgrades that will be needed to footing, etc, as horses settle in to the property, and calculated that in to their budget.

    Have you noticed, Margarita, I am trying to be more positive this year? ;~)

  2. Oh, and I personally find it a scary thought to haul a 3 horse with a 1/2 ton. Those horses weigh a little bit, and are a little more moving, live weight than a camper...

    I'm enough of a worry wort I wouldn't plan to haul a two horse (and thus planning on two occupants) with less than a 3/4 ton. I would pull one of those "two horse slants that only fits one" with a 1/2 ton, since there's only the one horse and those trailers are fairly light...