Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wide open

4x8 Stock Trailer - $650 (TX)
"4x8" Stock Trailer, New Treated Floor, New Paint, New Lights and Wiring, 2 good size 15 tires, takes 2 inch ball, has bullddog hitch and bulldog swing away jack, double swing open doors, has mount on side to put a spare tire, this trailer is good for small stock.


Looks like a hoof could get caught quite easily on those gates.

Years ago I had my mare moved in an open stock trailer.  It was only a 10 mi trip, but we had to go through town during rush hour.  She was NOT happy!  In fact, she was downright scared with the cars moving right next to her on both sides.  My normally 'not-scared-of-anything' super alpha mare was shaking like a leaf!!   I never put her in one of those again.

Thanks to Bif.


  1. I don't think any animal would like traveling in something quite this open, especially with traffic... I picture goats flying down the highway, long ears flapping in the breeze... small pellets of fertilizer bouncing onto the roadway...

  2. I had a guy offer to move my gelding once in an open top stock trailer. Sorry but I'll pass. The last thing I needed was a freaked out, banged up, loose horse on the road because he went out through the nonexistant roof.