Monday, January 11, 2010

...i can't waste all day waiting on you

Stock/Horse Trailer bumper pull 18ft - $600 (TX)
Stock/Horse Trailer, Bumper Pull, double axle, It measures 18ft from the tongue to the end of trailer, the inside measures 15ft from front to end with about 2 and a half foot on the bottom being storage for tack, hay or tools, It is 6ft wide and about 6 and 1/2ft to 7ft on inside height it has a center dividing gate and two sliding gates at the rear, it has a 2 inch coupler bulldog hitch and a bulldog jack. This trailer needs alot of work it needs a floor and needs welding done to it and new wiring It has "NO TITLE" You would have to get this trailer registered as a homemade trailer/farm use, I know every county is different but all my trailers i just tell them i have a homemade trailer and they give you farm tags for it, it is to be used for farm use it's a homemade horse trailer anyway, You need to know welding and how to put a floor in it because it needs a lot of work. So if you think you might want this trailer bring you some farm tags off one of your trailers at your house because i don't currently have it registered it dosen't have a plate. I bought this trailer to fix it up and use to haul my horse and cows and i have alot going on right now and don't have the time it requires to work on it. ( It's a Project!) Also this trailer has a covered top. "PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR PHONE NUMBER" I WILL START CALLING PEOPLE BACK TODAY AFTER 1:00PM IF THE TRAILER IS STILL ON HERE THEN I STILL HAVE IT. I've tryed to cover as much as possible, "Serious Inquirers Only" that means if you tell me your coming be shure of it because i can't waste all day waiting on you. Thank You, Happy Holidays


Looks like it has a sunshade in the front window.

Does this person sound stressed to you??

Thanks to Bif.


  1. You'd think that they'd be a little nicer, where they're trying to you know, sell something. If I were in the market for an awful-looking project, which I'm not, I'd pass on this one and find something where I didn't have to deal with a cranky owner. It's not like there's a project shortage.

  2. "Yep, she's a beut!"

    This thing could be named "Death Trap for Horsie"... I hate open sides spaced like that, I just imagine legs and hoofs going through and snapping... of course in its current condition, add legs and hoofs through the floor to that list of fears...

    Another fine "Just sell it for scrap" candidate!

  3. PURDY Looks very splinteriffic... yes today is a day for made up words!

    Haha poor person, they set up an add to vent life's frustrations. Kind of makes you want to call and stress them out more haha i'm mean