Saturday, October 31, 2009

Now this is SCARY!

Horse Trailer For Sale - $700 (VA)
Gore 2 horse straight load trailer w/ramp & escape door. Only needs a paint job and new tires!! Everything else on trailer is solid and safe. With a Gore trailer you know you have a trailer for life. Sold as is.


And with this trailer, that will be a SHORT life!!

Happy Halloween

Some fun links for Halloween:

Friday, October 30, 2009

It is what it is

Old horse trailer (needs work) - $350
1969 old horse trailer. Needs repairs to get it going for use. We have not had it very long and just have replaced the floor boards inside. We where going to use it for my horse, but do not have time to fix it up so, here it is for a project. We are selling it for the same price we bought it for or less, even though we did redo the floor boards. Please do not write and ask me what all it needs done to it. I think that a horse trailer that is this old and says it needs work is self explanitory. And for this price also. It is what it is. $350. obo. two horse straight load bumper pull. 6' 2" from floor to sealing for height . Thanks (WA)


It's amazing how many people buy project trailers only to find out just how much work there is to do.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I like dots.................................and goats and dogs

2 horse trailer - $1450
2 horse trailer in quite good condition....$1,450.....double axle, rear load, bumper-pull..................with new tires..........floor is in great shape....... .........drives nice and straight, no wobbling, road ready............................... does not have its own braking system, and you do not need them if you are pulling it with a truck or other large vehicle......very little rust, pictures show it dirty......... < Respond to:


Nothing wrong with the trailer - just a strange use of punctuation.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


2007 Sundowner Horse trailer - $129000

2007 Sundowner 2HGN 777WI with Air Conditioning (TX)
Weight 4800
Oly used twice and has less than 1,000 miles. The SunLite 777 gooseneck horse trailer has a painted aluminum exterior, and is a straight load trailer. This is one of our most popular straight load aluminum horse trailers. It comes with a rear load ramp and walk through stalls with a side access door on each side. (this came off of Sundowners website)
Standard Gooseneck Aluminum Horse Trailer Features
Tack Storage Room
45" Tack Storage Room
6'9" Wide, 7'6" Tall


Another one that has too many zeroes in it?  People really need to check not only the spelling of their ad, but to make sure they have the right price.   I would say they meant $12,900. 
Does 4,800 lbs seem a bit high for a 2H aluminum GN with a simple DR?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tiny Gooseneck

1988 Cherokee $2,500
gooseneck trailer perfect for a light truck (NC)
Great pulling (2) horse trailer with tack storage compartment. This trailer was sandblasted to the metal last year, primed and painted inside and out. Has good wood floors and mats. Has a divider for the center but I never used it. Escape doors on both sides, can be completely enclosed or remove the upper back enclosures as I do for Summer use. Great brakes, good tires, well balanced and easy to manuver.


What a cute little GN trailer.  Smallest one I have seen so far.  It appears the only storage is in front of the mangers.

Monday, October 26, 2009

$60K - I don't think so

2 HORSE TRAILER - $60000


Unless the floors are made of gold, the price is way out of line!!!  LOL  I'm sure they meant $600.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Train Your Horse

Updated with larger pictures:

What's covering his nose?  I wonder what they are measuring?

From the website:
Roush Technologies has just completed a groundbreaking bespoke vehicle project for Turkish-based, Kurt Systems – a world leader in racehorse and camel training equipment. The ground-up, turnkey project involved the design, development and build of a highly complex mobile race trainer which enables continuous monitoring of the animal at speeds of up to 60kph.

The striking and unusual looking machine incorporates a number of innovative and unique vehicle systems, as well as a diesel engine, automatic transmission and a spacious luxury cabin for a crew of three. Weighing in at around 4 tons, the vehicle effectively provides a moving enclosure similar to a starting stall, in which the animal can walk, trot or full gallop freely in a controlled environment, whilst being monitored and trained to optimize race performance.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black Beauty - free

Watcha eatin' over there? Can I have some?

Gorgeous TB mare FREE TO GOOD HOME (MA)
Beautiful black TB mare seeking a new owner.
Wonderful lofty gaits, correct on the bit. Transistions GREAT. Excellent brakes. Stands between 15.3 and 16 hands. Registered but I do not have papers. Not hot at all-I have to carry a dressage whip when training her (I dont need to use it though). Breaks at the poll, bends AWESOME both directions, we've started leg yielding.
Great opportunity for a young adult or teen (no kids as she is some what large in the height department), adult and confident beginner. Loves the farrier, great for the vet and so quiet in the trailer you don't know she is there. Fully UTD on her Coggins and shots, shoes were done this Tuesday.
Came off the track early this summer and is currently in training. She will excel in the pleasure ring. Great partner for trail riding.
I am seeking a new home as I adopted her, rehabbed her and trained her so far & she is not a jumper (but I am!) but would be unbelievable as a western pleasure mount as well.
Please, no dealers. Have a personal referance as well as a vet referance and a stable lined up for her. No kids responding either.
Also, I will not send you a wire transfer, i have NO dead rich relatives who need western union, I'm not Nigerian. Do not spam me. Thanks.
Keyword: horse, tb, mare, thoroughbred, western, show horse, beginner, 4h, ponyclub

You can always tell an experienced Craigslist user!

What a cute mare - nice soft eye and kissable nose.  LOL

She is on the Boston, MA listings if anyone is interested.

Save Your Shortbed Truck

An extension for your GN - allows your GN to be 9" (or more) further back in your truck bed while maintaining the proper weight distribution.  Increases the distance from your GN to your truck rear window and increases the distance between the truck and trailer box.

We could really use one of these - the truck we use to pull our 3H wide nose GN is a shortbed.  The GN is so close to the back window we could swear that it was going to hit us when we go around tight corners!!  And going over steep hills or RR tracks or a sharp dip in the road or entrances, it seems like the neck wing gussets are going to take out the tailgate.  It would also allow us to put more stuff in the bed of the truck and make moving between the truck and trailer much easier.

From their website:
Everyone who tows a gooseneck trailer needs more clearance between the truck and trailer. You either need more trailer swing for maneuvering, or you need more room at the tailgate for hooking up. Well, PopUp has a simple solution to this predicament.
 The new PopUp Short Bed Extended Coupler provides nine inches more clearance between the truck cab and the trailer nose, and between the truck tailgate and the trailer bulkhead - giving you more trailer swing and more room for hook-up.

To make the towing experience better yet, this extended coupler latches and unlatches remotely. 3 3/4 inches from ball to top gusset against the trailer neck tube. That's how much clearance you'll have with the SB1 all the way up the trailer tube.

The new PopUp Short Bed Extended Coupler fits standard round trailer tubes, square tubes and installs in about thirty minutes.

Lots of good pictures on the website:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Well Ventilated Design

2 horse trailer - $500 (AZ)
home made 2 horse trailer call xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx ater 3:pm please


Another homemade design with no roof.  And only one window installed?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Luxury Liner is Sinking!!

I was out of town last weekend and happened to drive by the Sundowner Luxury Liner (LL) (see Sept 22 posting).  Of course, I had to stop and look at it.  :-)

As I walked through the lot, I was able to go inside all of the trailers (even the LQ ones) as none of them were locked.  I saved the 'best' for last.  From the outside, it appears to be a well-made trailer.  Unfortunately, the LL was locked.  Even the horse area.  I had hoped to get a glimpse of what ammenities they had put there for the horses as their website did not even have one picture of the horse stalls.  Heated water for the cold months?  Automatic snack feeder?  Instant manure/urine removal system?  Big screen TV?  I will never know.

However, one thing really stood out. 

The Luxury Liner is sinking. 

I couldn't even see the bottom of the landing gear so I really don't know how far it has sunk.  I guess this economy is even hitting the high end horse trailer business.  I wonder if they would take $20K???  Cash??? LOL

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm getting scammed!!!

Good day,
We require to know if you can supply us with some horse trailers.Kindly get back to us with your inventory as well as pricing and advise if you accept credit card payment.Wish you all the best in business and 'ill be looking forward to your response.
Curt Thompson


I received this spam email today at my blog email address.  How bizarre - they read my blog enough to know that it is about horse trailers, but have no clue what it is really all about.  Or maybe they just saw the pictures???  I don't think 'Curt' is from the United States.

But the tires have only traveled 100 miles!

Horse Trailer - $850
New Tires that have only traveled 100 miles.. New electrical system set up with all new lights.. Pictures are not the best and trailer has been moved since they were taken.. Please E-mail me for more information...  (IA)


Well, if the pictures are not the best and it has been moved, how about some new pictures?  Unless it is in a place that is even worse - like the middle of a swamp or the bottom of a lake.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Camper or horse trailer?

Trailer and Horses for sale (LA)
4 horse trailer $1200.
This looks homemade to me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Custom and clean

This is my horse trailer. It is a 1999 Turnbow reverse slant 2-horse, all aluminum. You walk the horses in using the side ramp, and they haul facing the rear of the trailer, and then you drop the rear ramp and they walk straight out. BEST TRAILER DESIGN EVER. I am saving my pennies for a brand new one (this trailer in a gooseneck costs like 20k because they are basically built to your own customer specifications).

Thanks to Serena

Sunday, October 18, 2009

No way is she 40 years old

She is halter broke and stands well for farrier. She has had 2 foals. She is red and very beautiful. She can jump very well, but she is not broke. She has been ridden, but is not trained. She ties well and loads in the trailer. She is 800 or best offer.  (IN)
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Broodmare

Birth Date: Dec 31, 1969

Since when is 'broodmare' a gender?  Babies always make me smile.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Free Old Metal / Wood Divider for Horse Trailer.

It is leaning against the red shed in our backyard and can be picked up at any time. I will delete this ad when it is gone. Please see the Older TV (it works), Hardibacker for tiling, and old tin (stained) in another ad.
Please call Heidi with any questions or email the link on Craigs List. Our address is xxx   Go 1/4 mile and our house is on the right hand side. Our house numbers are clearly labeled on a sign at the bottom of the driveway. Thank you!  (WV)
How big is it ? How does it attach to the trailer? Do you know what it came out of?  I guess if it is for free, you can't expect too much information.  I call this a Saturday Saver 'cause if you need one of these, you can save some money and get this mighty fine specimen for FREE!!  Just give 'ol Heidi a call.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Well Hammered

One stall horse trailer. Floor good condition. Used for small livestock/4-H. $250 OBO Please call (IA)
What the heck happened to the walls/roof?   Looks like someone took a hammer and just beat away from the inside!

Update - they sold this trailer!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have Fun With Your Trailer!

I thought I would share with you my unique horse trailer. It’s a 1976 2 horse Circle J.  I keep saying I am going to sell it, but the more I work on it the more I like it.  I bought it several years ago for $700. The floor, tires and brakes were all in good shape. It was in desperate need of a paint job, rewiring and the manger doors had rust damage. I had the manger and tack room doors replaced and it just had its 2nd paint job in 4 years.  After the first time I painted it, I could tell it was missing something. That’s when I added the spinners! They are made of ABS plastic, but look like chrome. When I drive down the road, I can look in my side mirror and I can see them spinning. It’s fun to drive through the town and see people’s reactions as they are waiting at crosswalks.  I’ve recently had all the wiring redone (someone had wired it with speaker wire and indoor extension cords) and I had an updated plug put on for my new truck.  I figure at some point I will sell it so I can upgrade to a 2 horse slant with full tack/dressing room.  In the meantime, my horse will continue to ride in style!


What a nice clean trailer!  I would not hesitate to put my horse in it - it looks super clean, safe, and snazzy to boot!! 

Thank you for sharing Melissa

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picture Fail

****!!!! APHA 2008 PALOMINO & WHITE FILLY !!!!**** - $800 (TX)
I would like to sell this filly soon $800 obo. 2008 palomino & white filly with two blue eyes, 18 months old, have all paper work to register her with APHA, (haven't registered her yet because I couldn't think of a name for her), very gentle, halter broke, has been handled from birth, loads in trailer, stands for farrier,current on worming and vacinations. This filly is performance bred. Both parents are used for team roping. She is going to be big, approx. 14.3 currently. Dam is 15.3 and sire is 16.2. Filly is granddaugther of Sudden Impact. She would make a very nice 4-H project or all round using horse. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Call xxx xxx xxxx or email. Pictures posted do not do this filly justice.

Total fail on pictures!!  Head shot makes her look like a demon stallion with a super thick neck.  Rear shot makes her look so downhill that she is probably getting too much blood on her brain. Side shot looks like she has issues with her hind legs. Front shot makes her look like she is upright and long in her pasterns.  I realize that she is at an awkward age, but come on - you can do better than that!!

Factory Made - Really

older 48 ft trailer with horse trailer in rear - $2400

All in working order. Selling as is. 1974 trail boss with clear title. $2800 obo as is

2 Horse Trailer (factory made not an add on, rear part of trailer holds 2 horses, tack and storage as a regular two horse would, front half is a full size with full living area, full size kitchen, bath with full size shower with vanity and sink, Queen size bed. ac/heater, lots of storage inside and out. NO INSIDE PHOTOS.  (TX)
I can understand why they have to state clearly that the unit is factory made.  It looks like 3 separate units smooshed together!  48' and only 2 axles?  That's a lot of trailer to pull.  Nice finger in the pic.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will you take $901?

Merhow 4 horse trailer bumper pull - $1200
trailer is in decent condition. Needs cleaning. needs a little work. This has a heavy duty adjustable hitch with sway bars. , does not leak. Has a some exterior rust. other than maybe needing tires this is in pretty good shape. $1200/OBO just off 380.west of Denton xxx-xxx-xxxx
interior height is 84 inches, width 66 inches. please don't come out and kick the tires and tell me it needs somework, I already know this, thas why it is priced so low. also, no, I will not take $900 or anything less. (TX)