Friday, October 30, 2009

It is what it is

Old horse trailer (needs work) - $350
1969 old horse trailer. Needs repairs to get it going for use. We have not had it very long and just have replaced the floor boards inside. We where going to use it for my horse, but do not have time to fix it up so, here it is for a project. We are selling it for the same price we bought it for or less, even though we did redo the floor boards. Please do not write and ask me what all it needs done to it. I think that a horse trailer that is this old and says it needs work is self explanitory. And for this price also. It is what it is. $350. obo. two horse straight load bumper pull. 6' 2" from floor to sealing for height . Thanks (WA)


It's amazing how many people buy project trailers only to find out just how much work there is to do.


  1. People buy project trailers? Sheesh, I thought project horses were bad enough.

  2. That could be a beauty. Add way more money then it will ever be worth and I could really make it look nice!

  3. I look at this and think, what is steel going for a pound? There is no shame in scrapping this out!

  4. SprinklerBandit - At least project horses are fun!! And pookiedoo - I KNOW you could make it look great - but it would cost more than a new Luxury Liner to do what you would want!! LOL So I have to go with Bif - just scrap it. And spend more time with the horses.