Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tiny Gooseneck

1988 Cherokee $2,500
gooseneck trailer perfect for a light truck (NC)
Great pulling (2) horse trailer with tack storage compartment. This trailer was sandblasted to the metal last year, primed and painted inside and out. Has good wood floors and mats. Has a divider for the center but I never used it. Escape doors on both sides, can be completely enclosed or remove the upper back enclosures as I do for Summer use. Great brakes, good tires, well balanced and easy to manuver.


What a cute little GN trailer.  Smallest one I have seen so far.  It appears the only storage is in front of the mangers.


  1. Maybe because the actual footprint of the horse box is so small, but this really reminds me of my old "daydreams" of putting rollerblades on my horse and a harness with a rollbar contraption all around him, and hauling him down the highway with my little sporty car...

  2. I need this trailer... is there any contact info