Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pretty in Pink?

Wow - you won't be overlooked if you drive in pulling one of these!!!

 Trailer with gray (from the UK):
No you are not seeing things, we do have a pink Ifor Williams promotional demo trailer....

Watch out for it out and about at shows with our horses.
We are able to customise all Ifor Williams trailers. This will give your trailer the extra special look of your choice and put you ahead of the rest!
This can be anything from lettering to whole colour change using our specially designed colour kit conversion or advertise your company name or that of your horse's name with any style of your choice. Decals also available

All pink Trailer:
True Love Pink -- Only Available From True Love $4,385

Too beautiful to be real! Swing wall dressing room solid wall available for $150 more, window in dressing room door, dome light in dressing room and horse area, low profile roof, V-chrome on front, 2 saddle racks, torflex axles, hub covers.
Free delivery within 100 miles of Memphis, TN, and reasonable delivery ANYWHERE. Y'all come get it and we'll buy your gas! Call us anytime: 901-857-1227. We are open 100 hours a week. Credit cards accepted. Visit us online at

Friday - more pink transport
Saturday - what to drive when you are towing your pink trailer
Sunday - what to put in the pink trailer

Thanks to Janet


  1. Anyone else have a strange craving for peptobismal?

  2. I think my gelding would be totally embarassed, my other old gelding wouldn't go near it and my mare, the red headed diva.....would think it clashed with her bright red chestnut coat! LOL! And I doubt it would go good with my red truck....purple maybe? There's your challenge....find me a purple trailer!! LOL!

  3. I kinda like it! In a weird sort of way.