Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Help Me - I've fallen off and I can't get back on.

Horse Trailer - $1000
I bought this horse trailer used and used it to haul rescue animals a few times. The rear ramp/door hinges rusted through and the door/ramp came off. There is some rust on the roof but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. Floor is wood but seems very sound.

ALL the lights, wiring, wiring Harness, brakes, breakaway switch and tires are NEW!!!



OK - so the ramp/door is just tossed to the side - no effort made to pick it up.  The grass has grown up around the door and into the back of the trailer. I would have a tendency to think that the floor is not too good either when they say it 'seems very sound'.  OK - I will offer you $100 - delivered.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Strange Pricing

1976 Argosy, have $1032.00 into it selling for $888.00, priced to move, serious buyers only please.

Four brand new tires never used and one older spare tire, good floor with floor mat, DMV current with new license plate, great for first time buyers-this trailer will do the job for you, alittle TLC in your timing is all thats needed, lights need to be rewired or replaced.


Nothing too strange about the trailer, but the pricing is odd.  He is willing to lose exactly $150.  No more, no less. 
I can picture a spreadsheet with all the receipts listed ................................

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Time to go Hunting!!

It's almost hunting season!! Camping / Deer Lease Horse Trailer - $5500
This camper has been on many trail rides. It has a propane heated hot water heater, new cushions in the dining area, and new axles - they were replaced to support the weight of large draft horses. Its got a working fridge and stove/burners and lots of storage space (cabinets and a closet). Perfect for trail rides or to bring out to the deer lease. Can fit large horses in the back or your ATV and dirtbikes. Large awning for lots of shade. Needs a little love, but nothing a paint job can't fix! Turn this haus into your good-times-mobile! :)

Asking $5,500 OR BEST OFFER. Motivated to sell quickly! Please call Dave with any questions, or to make an appointment to come out and view the camper . Thanks for looking!
Please follow this link for lots more photos:

24 feet long.
Horse area has two large storage areas for saddles and such in the front.
hay rack
Two new 7,000 lbs axles.
flush toilet, Toilet is a recirculating marine type. Usually lasts 5 days on a 4 gallon load. Has a black water tank capable of holding up to 20 gallons before having to be dumped.
a hot water shower, Shower has a 60 gallon water source
a stove top,
a sink in the living area. Sink has a 30 gallon water source
Air conditioner does not work
Interior has 12 volt and 120 volt lights.
Double bed over the gooseneck, dinette converts to a single bed.


I think this trailer speaks for itself!!!

Thank you Kyoti

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big, Black, Beautiful Mare - needs home ASAP!

Great Trail Horse
1989 Grade Percheron mare. 16.2hh and all around BIG. Papers were lost. Very well broke to trail ride and also drives single/double but we've not driven her. Jet black(actually has dapples, too) with blaze and rear hind sock. Trail/Traffic safe. Goes anywhere you ask. She'd prefer to walk but will trot and canter with enough pushing, too. Rides single, double, bareback, saddled/bridled. Best for confident rider/handler due to her size(she is massive and is intimidating), though nearly anyone(not for young kids alone) can ride and handle her. Ties, bathes, clips, loads/trailers in anything you can safely squeeze her into, excellent for the farrier-NO stock needed. No health/lameness issues. Current on shots, coggins, and farrier. If not sold before Oct. 3rd, she going to a sale and I'd really like to get her a home before then so come with a truck and trailer and make an offer! Serious inquiries only please and do not waste my time coming out only to realize she's really big. I will most likely be taking her on trail this week and will try to remember my camera and take pics of her going down the road, through the wood, river, etc. Top pics below were taken on 9/6 and bottom 2 were taken 9/20 after a bath.


At this age (and size), this poor mare will probably go to the sale and end up on some Frenchman's dinner plate.  She is on the Rockford IL CL if anyone is interested.

Save Your Trailer's Paint Job

These are a neat item for your truck.  If you have a nice paint job on your trailer and don't want it messed up from rocks and dirt from the road, these temporary mud flaps are just the ticket.  Between $230 and $250.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Squeeze 'em in

Old rusty 2-horse trailer pretty solid inside needs cosmetic work outside ( we have the paint and stuff to fix it but no time to do it if you want it you can have it with the trailer!). On the shorter side about 6' tall and pretty narrow but did "Squeeze" a 16 hh stock yTB in it not to long ago. Lights are good just redone 2 yrs ago, and the jack is in good working condition. Has tack storage under the mangers, divider, butt chains and escape doors on both sides of the trailer. Great first trailer, for ponys or just hauling "stuff" around ( we used it for hauling shavings most of the time)


Squeeze in a 16H stocky TB into a 6' trailer???  Just looking for trouble...  And how much do you want for this rusty, short, cosmetically challenged trailer with mismatched wheels?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let me show you my talents

2 sweet mini horses for sale. They are both good with their feet and love to be groom. Leads , Ties and have been trailed. They have been pets but they would make cute cart Ponies. No Papers.

37 in Mare, She is 3 1/2 years old. Blue eyes ( SHE is the taller one) 600

29in Gelding 2 1/2 years old. $500  (CA)
This ad had 6 horses for sale, but this one was just too much!  Why on earth would you select a picture where the pony has her nose jammed in a pile of poop?????  Is it really that difficult to take 3 or 4 pictures and pick the best one?

It's Ugly But Solid

85 Pacifica Gooseneck 3 horse slant load. Has drop down rear ramp & feed doors. Bullet nose with front tack, plenty of room in the boot, we used it many times for camping when at horse shows in CA. It's got alot of rust, as a CA trailer they didn't put any primer under the paint. It's ugly but solid, the lights, brakes all worked when it was parked. It hasn't been used in 2+ years. Tires are 7.50-16LT Three are newer one could use replacing. Spare is cupped. All are holding air. Tag on the trailer says Front Axle 6000/Rear Axle 6000 title reads trailer weight of 3700lbs. Inside measurement is 80.5 inches tall Long side is 15' Short side is 10' Width is 73" $700

The price is not too bad at only $700.   I think that if you can look past the rust and get a decent paint job and replace the tires, you would have a nice trailer.  I am just having a hard time getting past the rust!  A really, really hard time.......

It looks like you need a pizza shaped bed for the GN.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Off Topic

buy 1 get 2 free horses - $650

What do you want to bet that the meat guy is going to show up with his trailer???

With this ring, I thee trade

Latest post wording on Sept 2:
wedding ring for sale or trade for camping trailer or nice horse and trailer and $2500
Wedding ring for sale or trade for camping trailer or well broke QH horse and trailer. Ring cost 5000.00 email

Original post wording on Aug 31:

Wedding ring for horse and trailer - $2000
I want 2000.00 for my ring or a horse for a 1000.00 and tailer or a 1000.00 or five monthes worth of board
The price went up a whole bunch in just a couple of days!!!

Here is another one:

I have a beautiful ladies’ 14kt yellow and white gold diamond ring I would like to trade for a bumper pull horse trailer. I had it appraised some time ago for 3250.00. It is described as follows:

One ladies’ 14kt yellow and white gold diamond ring in a horizontal design, The larger diamond is a round brilliant cut that measures 5.67mm x 3.35mmwith an approximate weight of .65 ct. This diamond has a G color and a SI1 clarity. On the top of the ring are 5 smaller round brilliant cut diamonds, one that measures 3.7mm and four that measure 2.8mm. These diamonds have an approximate total weight of .52 ct of VS2 to SI2 clarity and G and H color. On the opposite side of the ring there are 8 single cut diamonds that measure 1.2mm each with an approximate total weight of .08ct of SI1 clarity and H color. The single cut diamonds are set in marquise shaped plates and the other diamonds are set in prongs. 3.37dwt. I have the original, signed appraisal by one of Cary’s leading gemologists.

It is a very small ladies size and may have to be resized for your finger.

The trailer needs to be in good shape and should be at least 7 feet high and wide as one of the horses we haul is a draft horse. Thanks

Fascinating stuff  :-)

Divorce sale? Broken engagement? Still married but prefer a trailer instead? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now THIS is Beyond Sharp!

From the Sundowner website:
When you step into a Luxury Liner, the first thing you'll notice are the 9 foot ceilings - and gracefully curved lines that give the interior its timeless classic beauty.With it's warm colors and crocodile leather, the d├ęcor has a bit of a "western" touch. The cabinets are made of cherry or maple with a gorgeous high-gloss stain finish - and the curved base cabinets are unprecedented in the Living Quarter industry. The Luxury Liner's ceiling fan and fireplace enhance its functional beauty. The fireplace can easily take the chill out of the air on a cool evening.

This trailer has everything.  Just look at the pictures on their website - absolutely stunning. 

There is something missing though.  There is not one picture of the horse area!

Price?  Well, if you have to ask you probably can't afford it.   I know I can't - but I can dream   :-)    It's around $400,000 - give or take a few thousand depending on options.  And that does not even include the truck to pull it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

This trailer is beyond sharp......

Go Big Blue Horse Trailer for 3 Slant Load Gooseneck - $2900

bring cash, take home. Make me a offer, this trailer is beyond sharp for asking price.


Is 'Go Big Blue' a brand??  What is beyond sharp?  Price is not too bad though if everything is working/usable.  My next post will be of what I consider to be a really sharp horse trailer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Off Topic

Horse Wanted (NWI)
I am looking for a mean rank out of control horse. Something that is dangerous. I am not looking to spend alot for this horse. I just need a new trail horse. I would prefer to save a horse from the auction, the horse I am looking for would most likely be in the kill pen. If you have a mean horse that is no longer safe than I may be interested. I do not want any spoiled pets. If he is not halter broke I would prefer him to be under the age of 5. And sound. The sane part is optional.


I saw this mentioned on another board. Something just does not sound right here - I would fear for the horse's life!!

Save Your Money

Living Quarters To Go

I have seen this a couple of times now in various blogs.  This is a great way to have the basics and not put out the big $$ for a weekender/LQ trailer.  The unit weighs 220lbs+ so you will need help moving it from trailer to trailer.  I am still trying to figure out where the cowboy shower is located that is included. 
$2,700 and all the work is already done.  Just pop it into the trailer and hook it up.


I am thinking that a unit like this would be nice in my 'new' horse van if it were on wheels.  I could secure it in the front while driving and move it towards the back horse area - leaving  a very large (8' x 12') open area in the front of the van when I am at the campsite.  Hmmmmm, I am going to have to think about that for awhile.........

Friday, September 18, 2009

Disaster in the making

Large Appaloosa pony (also have horse trailer for sale)

Roamin is 5 years old. I have had him since he was 1. He has had no formal training but was always happy to do whatever he was told. He was always just a big pet. He does not sppok easily at all and loves people. He will even let you run up to him when he is laying down and will let you lay down with him. The pics are of my son riding him last summer. What pic? My son was 10 then to give you a size idea of Roamin. 10 yr olds can really vary in size...  I would guess that he is right at or just under 13 hands. The pics were taken within the first 1/2 hour of Roamin ever having a saddle or a bridle on. She had her 10 yr old on an unbroke stallion within the first 1/2 hr of having a saddle on - WTF??? He has always done extremely well with new experiances. The reason we are letting him go is because we got a larger mare that we can both ride and Roamin is not gelded so he kinda has a fit when we take her out. He does not act like a stallion AT ALL when he is not around mares  - no kidding - and why would he act like a stud if there are no mares around???  but I would recommend having him gelded if he is to be around mares. He is a very easy keeper, no bad vices (does not like to be washed and doesn't like fly spray either) so those 2 things make him just a little jumpy but I've never seen him jumpy about anything else. He has never kicked or bit. He has never left his pen (even when our others have gotten out) He stays in an electric fence (with no electric ran to it) so keeping him fenced is definatly not a problem. He is ok with a farrier, not the best I've ever seen but has never kicked, he just doesn't care for it much. I thought you said he always does what he is told? He is kinda spoiled and some of his habits could easily be changed. He certainly does his best to try and please. He loves attention.  What horse doesn't?

He is getting a lot more color in him (a lot more silver on the butt) and if you are interested I'll send more pics. I absolutly hate to see him go but I just don't have enough grazing and can't afford all the round bales I'm going through.  And yet she would trade for ANOTHER animal!!

I may be interested in trades for mini / miniature pony horse donkey etc.. something smaller. Or any kind of trade that doesn't require feeding. I really want him to go to a good home, he is an awesome horse (large pony)

I live in Coshocton county (Fresno) about 6 miles from town of Coshocton

You can e-mail or call xxxxxxxxx (please call between 9:00 am and 9:00pm)

I have a horse trailer I will be posting soon.. it is a two horse (although I could fit my 2 horses AND pony in it. Has walk up ramp on the back and also a walk out ramp on the front side for horses that don't like to back up. So, it has 2 full ramps, side door (ramp one) and front door. It has windows and is fully enclosed so no weather will get in.

I would take $1400 for Roamin and the trailer. I will try to get pics of trailer soon. It has $400 worth of newer rims and tires. It comes with $200 worth of brand new brake parts. It was equiped with surge brakes (which I think is great) but they are not working. Great - so I would have to spend $$ to get them working.  I have been hauling the trailer for the past year without brakes and the guy the sold it to me never used them either but I thought it would be nice to fix up so I bought parts for it. It does need some work: paint is flaking, has some surface rust, has some rust holes just on wheel fenders (cheap enough to replace but really isn't affecting anything except looks. Floor is good in the 2 horse area and has mats. Floor needs replaced in the front section (where a smaller horse/pony could fit) I LOVE the layout of this trailer, it is really perfect. I havn't seen another quite like it. Well, anyway, I have at least $600 in new parts so I think I am asking a VERY fair price.


Wow!!!  Look at where that stallion's back feet are located in the round bale feeder (a feeder that was made for cows, not horses!!!)  And can I buy the trailer without the pony?  How about the pony without the trailer?   These were the only pictures with the ad.  No pictures of the horse with her son or saddled up.  There are so many things wrong here I don't even know where to start......

I rechecked the listings and she never did post pictures of the trailer she had for sale.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Horse Trailer Frame - $175

Good axle.

An abundance of information.  I think I'll pass.  :-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off Topic


Sweet Girls to Good Home Only! (12 pm to 9 pm. No e-mails please)

Two Thoroughbred bay mares need a great home for pleasure riding. I will consider all offers & proposals. References and info showing a good, loving home are required. This is very important to us. Blankets and other items go with the girls for their continued care. (The $100 each helps with this)

They are about 16.2 hands and in good health & beautiful . They have lived here since fall 2001. Shots given in June 09 ( flu-rhino, rabies, tetanus-encephalitis, West Nile).. They are wormed ea 2 months – rotating the wormers.
Purchased them from a dealer for trail riding and 4-H. Supposedly, they had been at a children’s camp that summer in the Adirondacks. My daughter tried them out (trotted/cantered/galloped etc.) and was thrilled. We are first time horse owners with little experience prior to ownership. School, college, jobs, boyfriends, no time, etc., were reasons our plans fell apart. Now family circumstances make it unlikely that they will ever be worked with. It is unfair to them and to us. We are at the stage in life where it is getting much more difficult for us to take care of them - physically and financially.

The girls have not been ridden much (Maybe 40 times). We sent them away for 6-7 weeks of re-training in the fall of 2004 ($1300). They were worked with 3 times a week. They did well. Dahlia (Easy Embrace –DOB 4/19/88 ) has a real nice gate. Star (Evening Star DOB 1/10/91) seems to have had some dressage training. They seemed to love the attention after a routine developed. Both girls ran a couple races when young and that is it. Dahlia has papers. We can’t read Star’s lip tattoo to get her papers. There were 3 Evening Stars born at the same time. Our girls are sweet pets at this point. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN RIDDEN IN A FEW YEARS. They need a CALM, CONFIDENT, EXPERIENCED RIDER to refreash their last training. They know if you are experienced or not and respond accordingly. They respond well to Firmness -- yet soft kindness calms them and often works much better (looking them in the eye and talking softly). They are smart and love to be talked to, hugged, rubbed and kissed. They have never done anything mean to hurt anyone (biting, kicking, etc). They seem to trailer ok. Only vice is cribbing. They do not eat the wood. Just push down on it and groan. They have been pretty good with the Ferrier, vet and dentist. They have not been shoed since they came here. They are in a RUN-IN situation now – 3 acres (total freedom from barn to pasture). They are very seldom locked in a stall and would have to get used to that.. During their training they were locked in most of the 6 weeks. In the winter they are locked in the whole barn at nite when temps are below 20s and wind chills (with blankets on too). They run to dinner when I Whinny. Star whinnies back. They need pelleted grain & hay. Normal meal for each is 3 lbs grain and ¼ bale at each meal. However they eat very little hay in the summer if they are left out to pasture. When the pasture is gone in late fall & winter and water turns to ice, in addition to hay and grain, you need to also feed them soaked beat pulp with each meal ( for 4-5 months?). It DOUBLES in size and helps replace the wet grass. This gets the WATER into their system and stops you from having VET bills from constipation (colic). If I am paying $3 a bale for hay I ESTIMATE that I am paying $150 per month in the "no Pasture months" for both. When there is pasture they eat little hay and I pay much less.

They need a loving home where heart- strings will be attached to make sure they are well taken care of and will never go to a bad place. They need to be fed twice a day, pastured (WITH GRASS) at least 8 hours a day in good weather (prefer run-in situation) and have constant good shelter available 24 hrs a day from sun and weather. If you have the love in your heart – please call me – 12 pm to 9 pm.



This is so sad.  These older mares (18 and 21) deserve a good loving home - I wish the person who has them would have had enough love in their heart to keep them until they passed on - after all, they had them for their BEST years.  If anyone in PA is interested, they are on CL in Slippery Rock.

I would never be able to let go of an animal I had for 8 years that 'whinnies back' etc.  It would be like throwing away a member of the family.  I guess this ad really caught my eye because the routine they describe (except for the riding part - I do endurance riding, so my horse is ridden frequently) is so close to mine.  But my boy has a forever home and so does my rescue mare (who is never ridden.)

Just Below Lugnuts We Have This...

Im posting for sale a livestock / horse trailer have owned for about 5 years - Dont use it anymore and must sell..
$600.00 O.B.O Thanks for looking


This trailer was listed right below the one I posted yesterday.  I think that for only $300 more, I would go for this trailer.  It does not appear to be missing any parts.    I am always amazed by the pricing I see on some trailers.  If I were to list something, I would always check out what the competition is doing and price it accordingly.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Needs lugnuts - and a whole lot of other things

I have for sale a bumper pull horse trailer. It was a two horse trailer but divider has been taken out of it. Has nice new floor in it. We bought it to fix up but havnt gotten around to it. It needs painted and a top put back on it. But it would be a nice livestock trailer for hauling goats or sheep or anything of the nature and horses of course. It does need some new tires and lugnuts. We did pull it from about two hours north of us and it made it here fine. If interested please call or email me.  $300 obo


I'm speechless!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Waste My Time

Older two horse, single axel trailer. Canvas top type, no top. Sturdy and sound, all steel contruction. Tows good. Good floor boards, working rear lights with new wires, dual safety chains and new hooks, jackman wheels and front wheel stand. CASH ONLY. Please don't contact me unless you are serious and want to buy this trailer. I don't have the time to waste.


My goodness - unless I absolutely had to have THIS trailer, I would not contact this person.  He/she should put the trailer in their front yard with a For Sale sign on it and let people look at it without bothering them.