Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Strange Pricing

1976 Argosy, have $1032.00 into it selling for $888.00, priced to move, serious buyers only please.

Four brand new tires never used and one older spare tire, good floor with floor mat, DMV current with new license plate, great for first time buyers-this trailer will do the job for you, alittle TLC in your timing is all thats needed, lights need to be rewired or replaced.


Nothing too strange about the trailer, but the pricing is odd.  He is willing to lose exactly $150.  No more, no less. 
I can picture a spreadsheet with all the receipts listed ................................


  1. That's funny! Whenever I give a check for a wedding, birthday, etc gift, I always make up some odd amount like $36.72. Then I tell the reciever that if they can guess what the amount stands for, then I'll double it. They have 1 month to figure it out. Of course, no one ever gets it because there is no rhyme or reason to my picking an amount!! LOL! This seller has some more thought, I'm sure to his odd amounts. Maybe even to draw attention to the ad? Hmmmmm......

  2. I dunno about the amount meaning something. It seems like he just picked a random, arbitrary number and is one of those people who sticks to it just to spite the world.