Saturday, September 12, 2009

Save Your Back

While looking for horse trailers, I have come across lots of nifty gadgets and things to use to make life easier.  Some I have used/purchased, some I have just seen and thought would be nice to have someday.   So Saturday will be 'saver' day.  As in, save money, time, effort, your health etc.

I currently have a 3H GN with rear tack and I know that getting the top saddle is a PITA!!  This gadget will do the lifting for you.

From their website:
Lift and Lower your heavy saddle in your trailer easily.

Swing Out models:

Around $1,600

They also have a 5 saddle model.

Straight Model:

Around $1,300
I have no relationships with the companies that I show - I just like the products.

*sigh*  why is everything so expensive though?

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