Friday, September 18, 2009

Disaster in the making

Large Appaloosa pony (also have horse trailer for sale)

Roamin is 5 years old. I have had him since he was 1. He has had no formal training but was always happy to do whatever he was told. He was always just a big pet. He does not sppok easily at all and loves people. He will even let you run up to him when he is laying down and will let you lay down with him. The pics are of my son riding him last summer. What pic? My son was 10 then to give you a size idea of Roamin. 10 yr olds can really vary in size...  I would guess that he is right at or just under 13 hands. The pics were taken within the first 1/2 hour of Roamin ever having a saddle or a bridle on. She had her 10 yr old on an unbroke stallion within the first 1/2 hr of having a saddle on - WTF??? He has always done extremely well with new experiances. The reason we are letting him go is because we got a larger mare that we can both ride and Roamin is not gelded so he kinda has a fit when we take her out. He does not act like a stallion AT ALL when he is not around mares  - no kidding - and why would he act like a stud if there are no mares around???  but I would recommend having him gelded if he is to be around mares. He is a very easy keeper, no bad vices (does not like to be washed and doesn't like fly spray either) so those 2 things make him just a little jumpy but I've never seen him jumpy about anything else. He has never kicked or bit. He has never left his pen (even when our others have gotten out) He stays in an electric fence (with no electric ran to it) so keeping him fenced is definatly not a problem. He is ok with a farrier, not the best I've ever seen but has never kicked, he just doesn't care for it much. I thought you said he always does what he is told? He is kinda spoiled and some of his habits could easily be changed. He certainly does his best to try and please. He loves attention.  What horse doesn't?

He is getting a lot more color in him (a lot more silver on the butt) and if you are interested I'll send more pics. I absolutly hate to see him go but I just don't have enough grazing and can't afford all the round bales I'm going through.  And yet she would trade for ANOTHER animal!!

I may be interested in trades for mini / miniature pony horse donkey etc.. something smaller. Or any kind of trade that doesn't require feeding. I really want him to go to a good home, he is an awesome horse (large pony)

I live in Coshocton county (Fresno) about 6 miles from town of Coshocton

You can e-mail or call xxxxxxxxx (please call between 9:00 am and 9:00pm)

I have a horse trailer I will be posting soon.. it is a two horse (although I could fit my 2 horses AND pony in it. Has walk up ramp on the back and also a walk out ramp on the front side for horses that don't like to back up. So, it has 2 full ramps, side door (ramp one) and front door. It has windows and is fully enclosed so no weather will get in.

I would take $1400 for Roamin and the trailer. I will try to get pics of trailer soon. It has $400 worth of newer rims and tires. It comes with $200 worth of brand new brake parts. It was equiped with surge brakes (which I think is great) but they are not working. Great - so I would have to spend $$ to get them working.  I have been hauling the trailer for the past year without brakes and the guy the sold it to me never used them either but I thought it would be nice to fix up so I bought parts for it. It does need some work: paint is flaking, has some surface rust, has some rust holes just on wheel fenders (cheap enough to replace but really isn't affecting anything except looks. Floor is good in the 2 horse area and has mats. Floor needs replaced in the front section (where a smaller horse/pony could fit) I LOVE the layout of this trailer, it is really perfect. I havn't seen another quite like it. Well, anyway, I have at least $600 in new parts so I think I am asking a VERY fair price.


Wow!!!  Look at where that stallion's back feet are located in the round bale feeder (a feeder that was made for cows, not horses!!!)  And can I buy the trailer without the pony?  How about the pony without the trailer?   These were the only pictures with the ad.  No pictures of the horse with her son or saddled up.  There are so many things wrong here I don't even know where to start......

I rechecked the listings and she never did post pictures of the trailer she had for sale.

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  1. That is truly special. It sounds like she definitely struggles with follow-through. She bought break parts, but never used them. She bought a horse, but never trained him properly. She posted an ad, but didn't add the pictures.