Sunday, February 28, 2010

No trailer necessary!

Email from Heidi:
I saw a perfectly wonderful (not) substitute for a trailer in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the photo.
As I was driving home from picking my daughter up from school, a Ford F250 passed me with cattle in the truck bed. It had really tall metal tubing sides and at least two cows in it. The cows didn’t look happy.


Heide sent me this email in November - I have not ignored you!!  I have been trying to find a picture that would represent what you saw.  This is the only one I could find with tall metal tubing sides and at least two cows - LOL

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm crazy - I hope you are too

2 stall horse trailer - $1250 (MI)
this is a two horse trailerit is in not too bad of shape could use alittle tlc the roof is the worst but i have hauld horses and cattle on it with no problem pleaese keep in mind this trailer is not new im not sure of the year i would guess it too be in the late 70's i will try too get some pic's soon as i can thank you please call xxx-xxx-xxxx ask for john


This one may be the most expensive piece of junk so far!!

Thanks to Katrina

Friday, February 26, 2010

How about a 'crusty' trailer?

Cheap Crusty Old Horse Trailer - $600 (DE)
Cheap old horse trailer, a 2 horse Cotner in crusty shape. It is extra tall, 7 foot and extra wide and has extra room in the front for tack or junk. It has been sitting for a couple years and needs a few things to be perfect. One tire is leaking slowly and the ramp spring is broken so it is very heavy to put up. They have the spring at TSC though for about $25. If you can jerk this out of the 4 foot drifts it is in and pump the tires, this will travel down the road fine. It has rubber mats inside and on the ramp. It has a removeable center partition and stowable rear doors. The frame is steel so it is pretty heavy and will track good. The top is fiberglass and the jack is operatable. There are some rust spots all over and on the frame so this is by no means perfect but what can you expect for $600. This was not a cheap trailer and I have put over 300,000 miles on it easily, racing horses at every track within 200 miles of here for many years. It has never been wrecked, but I did hit a goose landing on the freeway in Pennsylvania years ago. The price is $600, not 400 or 500 so if you are not prepared for this do not waste my time. Call Mike at xxx-xxx-xxxx


For a cheap trailer, Mike sure wants a lot of money.  Plus he expects you to shovel it out and pump up the tire!!!!!  And with 300,000 miles on it, it probably needs new axles in addition to everything else he listed.

Thanks to Jenn

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Use Rustoleum next time

16' horse/utility enclosed trailer - $2200 (NB)
I have a 16' fully enclosed horse / stock trailer
6lug 5200# axles with electric brakes 10 ply 16'' tires on aluminum wheels
rear ramp that folds up for loading 4 wheelers mowers ect
it will hold 2 fullsize 4 wheelers and a couple dirtbikes
pulls good has title
call kurt xxx-xxx-xxxx
Full of junk - what a surprise - NOT.  It's a shame that they used steel sheets to enclose the trailer and did not bother to paint them so that they would not rust.   When I see that, I always wonder what else they did incorrectly that will fail.  The trailer does not look too bad otherwise.
Thanks to Bif

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't have time to investigate

Horse/Utility Trailer - $100(ID)
Needs tires, lights, and help to make it not so ugly.
I also noticed a few days ago when I moved it, that the left wheel/axle is not aligned correctly -- it could just be the wheel, but it could be a bigger issue with the axle. I don't have time to investigate.
Email me if you have questions.


Another project that they should either take to the scrap yard to give away - especially with an axle problem.


Helen also found this gem:
2 horse trailer.. - $500 (ID)
the trialer has some dents in in the a 2 axle trailer straight load.. 2 inch ball.. bumper pull.. no title.. if interested call (xxx)xxx-xxxx.. thank you!

Too bad they didn't post pictures!
Thanks to Helen

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rusty but trusty

96 Delta Two,2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer Side+Rear Ramp (IL)
Hello and thanks for looking.
"Rusty but trusty."
New rear ramp. Axels replaced. Lights and brakes work. Hauls great.
Rear and side ramp. Escape door.
Will be posting measurements and weights.
We are about an hour west of Chicago.

This gem was on eBay - it had 9 bids and did not sell
What a mess!!!!!!
From Rachel:
With the rust holes in the nose of the trailer at least you know its well ventilated?!

Thanks to Rachel


I wonder if this is their car??

A cold tin roof

1990 Homemade $895 (WI)
This Used Trailer is Selling "AS IS". This Trailer inlcudes: Slider on Rear Gate, Wood Floor, Single Axle, Taillights, Air Vents in Front of Trailer and a Single 3500 lb Axle. The Dimesions on this Trailer are 6' x 10' x 6'tall.


Homemade for sure!  My horse would NOT step a foot in there.  And I would not let hm either!

Thanks to Retento.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I want a rusty, old trailer that's missing parts

WANTED! Old Rusty Horse Trailer (OR)
Want to get rid of that ugly old horse trailer sitting out behind you barn? I'm looking for a crumby old trailer to use as a trail horse training aid. Condition is not important. Just needs to haul down the road from your place to mine. Old? OK! Rusty? No problem. Missing a few parts. No concern to me. You get the picture. Contact Skip via email or call xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!!


I wonder if he will pay for it or wants it for free????  He should have no trouble finding one.

A Pumper Pull!!

4 to 6 horse trailer pumper pull - $1200 (WA)
This trailer needs some welding. It is a dark solid brown color. It is low to the gound with two axels. It is all enclosed no windows to open, just grates for air. it is not a stock trailer it was fancy in its day (70's). The horse area is 19 feet long and 5 feet 6 wide the ceiling is 84" tall.There is no manger, it is all open. i put 6 horses in slant but is has no dividers. i have a divider to put in when we put two in the front and motorcycles in the back. It has 3 escape doors and a front exit door with ramp for the horses. the ramp needs new wood. the floors are excellent and has good mats. It has a reach in full upright tack area in the front that we put 6 saddle racks in it and lots of briddle hooks. the trailer is 21 feet long and my suburban and motor home pull it fine. we take it in the mountains and on road trips it pulls nice. i can send you pics if interested. i will be fixing it up when i get my tax return and it will be for sell then for 3500.


Wow - what a mess.  That front photo looks like an abandoned railroad car.  Like Helen wrote - how appropriate that it is from a place called Old Town!

Thanks to Helen.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A great place for your horse cookies

COOKIE JAR HORSE TRAILER Only $39.95 - 49.95

And some matching Salt and Pepper shakers 16.99 - 19.99

The hay bales on the truck look like cookies!! 

Or these
These look like christmas ornaments!


Just some fun kitchen stuff  ;-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some more fun projects!

Project 2 Horse Trailer - $350 (OK)
Project trailer! New floor but the area where the hay goes needs completed. Side panels need welded, no center divider. Two axles, tires flat but will air up. Bumper pull. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx. or email me.


This is too funny - "tires flat but will air up"

Why do they think that posting a picture of the sheriff logo will help sell the trailer?  It also looks like they have several projects waiting to be done.


Here is another beauty!! 

Horse Trailer - $500 (KY)
I bought this trailer with the intentions of repairing it. School and work took over and the trailer has been sitting for 5 years. The wiring is new, the inside has been sanded down and rust prohibitor applied, the boards for the floor are in good shape as well. The trailer needs work. (needs doors on the back or a ramp) Please email if you are interested. Thanks!!


It needs a lot more than they listed.  Starting with tires..............
I guess everyone gets a project with the intentions of finishing it.  Sadly, few ever do.  It just gets passed to the next ambitious person.
Both of these lovely trailers were sent in by Bif - thanks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Buggy display

Horse Buggy - $2000 (IN)
Horse Buggy, Doctor type, canopy, call xxx-xxx-xxxx


A cute buggy.  You know it has been kept indoors for part of its life!!  LOL

I do wonder at the story behind it - who decided to put it in the store?  Where is it now?  Is it restored or just painted over to hide any problems?

Thanks to Bif

I'm a lousy photographer

2 Horse straight load bumper pull - $2250 (ID)
This is an extra tall, extra wide (7'6" x7'6") warmblood size trailer. It's in really good condtion. Have had it since it was new. Pulls really well. Steel frame. Ramp. Large storage area. Good floor boards and mats. Good brakes, needs tires. No rust. Email me at larraxxxx@yahoo or call xxx-xxx-xxxx


These are some of the worst quality photos I have seen - what color setting did they have the camera on?  And why do people always post sideways pictures?  This could actually be a nice trailer, but the pictures make it look terrible.

Thanks to Helen

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want a project or two!

fixer upper horse trailer.. - $1 (CA)
I am looking for an old fixer upper horse trailer as a project trailer cant afford to spend much but would love to have one i am a welder and between horse hauling and other jobs would love to have something to work on to occupy my time so let me know what you got and pics would be great thanks for looking -Bret xxx-xxx-xxxx .




Have I seen some project trailers for Bret or what??? 
The GN picture is quite a nice 'artsy' picture and the BP picture looks like the trailer has eyes and teeth!  LOL  And I do hope that the pictures he posted are the 'before' pictures!