Friday, February 12, 2010

Well worth it.

two horse trailer - $550 (IN)
Nice ready to carry horses, two horse trailer. Good floor with matts, good lights all work. Enough room for tack for hay racks and corner buckets. Painted white last summer. Step up straight load. two wood back doors (need two more latches on back doors or need to put steel doors on whatever you prefer. I have the vin strip to put on trailer and all paper work to have it titled. It has a front door access also.$550.00 firm. Well worth it. It has a four way plug for lights.


Another person who wants you to finish their project.   Those mismatched hinges go well with the rest of the trailer.

"$550 firm. Well worth it."   I don't think so.

Thanks to Bif


  1. So many things wrong here.

    Have the paperwork to have it titled.
    Then do it already, why wait? What's the hold up?

    Plenty of room for tack, hay racks and corner buckets.

    Needs two more latches? How about the steel doors? Have those? If so, put them back on.
    Sure is, but I don't want a horse getting hung up in or stepping on anything (especially my saddle!) while traveling, but that's just me.

    And yet, someone will buy it. Further still, load their horses in it and think it's all just fine. *shakes head*

  2. LaLa land is so pretty!

    I can't see that plywood doors could possibly be considered adequate protection from a scraping horrible death of being dragged or bounced out on the highway after a minor kicking spree.

    i love people =)