Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A diamond in the rough?

horse trailer - $1100 (NC)
horse trailer for sale

4 horses slide
new flor
needs paint
send me email for more pictures
best offert


Retento send me this wonderful speciman so I decided to email this person to for additional information (a friend of mine is looking for an inexpensive 4 horse). I wanted to know how long, wide, and tall the trailer is - this is what they replied:

yes have room storage,i repair this trailer only need paint and door back
maybe $250 dlls in finish you can look anytime.

They also sent me some additional pictures:

So, for only $250 more dollars, you will have a fabulous trailer!!!
The person selling this is a non-english speaking person who was very prompt in their reply.  I am not picking on them or their English.  They are just somewhat misguided about their trailer.

The interior configuration is quite confusing - it looks like it was made for more than 4 horses. Also, those open metal dividers look like an accident waiting to happen.

Thanks to Retento


  1. Yikes. This thing looks like it was dwelling in the bottom of the ocean. Perhaps its owned by pirates?

  2. The first thing I thought was, "What the hell is growing on that!?!"

    I'm sure someone could put in the elbow grease and for that price have a decent trailer, but I wouldn't be that someone.