Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi Bif!!

Hey Mom, how did you sneak into my pen?

I know you have cookies.....

Where are they?  I know you have some!

I smell them in your pocket!!!

Mmmmmm...........lip smacking good!!

This is my boy, Dex.  The whole reason behind this blog - I am looking for a trailer for him.   Like Bif, he likes to see if I have cookies for him too!!  LOL  He loves to stick his tongue out.

Here is Bif's blog:

Here is the snow slowly sliding down from Dex's run-in shed.

I am so tired of the snow - more in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday........ *sigh*


  1. Hi, Dex! So glad to meet you1

    My barn has some funny snow blown shapes around it's roofline, too, and some funny icicles that are at a forty-five or more angle. That wind sure did some funny things...

    Glad your human is good about cookies. Mother hardly ever gives me cookies in the field, maybe if she is leaving for the day and some other human will be bringing me in, but that's to make up for the "goodnight" kiss cookie.

    I see you're wearing a plaid amoeba... they're creepy, but they sure do help you stay cozy. I think it looks very handsome. But Mother better not get any ideas; I only wear those big amoebas to warm up after a bath, or keep me from chilling if I get sedated in the cold (I get sedated again this coming weekend, WOO HOO!).

  2. O M G Dex you must come meet Skylla when you get your horse trailer LOL you'd make the cutest couple!