Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clueless in South Carolina

WANTED: Beginner Horse & TRAILER (SC)


I am looking to purchase a great horse and a great horse trailer.
HORSE WANTED!! (scroll down if you just have a trailer for sale)
I have already found one horse and I have him in boarding until I can find him a friend. Then I can bring him him home. I am looking for a horse for a beginner. It must be calm and laid back. Spook proof and Bomb proof. LOL It will be for me and my kids. We have ridden from 14.2hh to 16.3 hh on trail rides and lessons. We are not picky to the size. ALthough, we have been a little intimidated by the size, we do like the big ones though after we get over the initial shock of it all. LOL
The horses we get will have 3 pastures to moved back and forth from. They also have 25 acres of privately owned no hunted safe land for trails to ride . Plus we live in the country where there are dirt roads galore to ride on. I am a stay at home mom who get very bored in the daytime hours and would love nothing more than spending all my time (weather permitting, dont mind the cold, just rain talking about rain) with the horse. I can sit and watch for horse as the horse run and play in the pasture. I enjoy grooming them because I love the way a horse smells. Please let me know about the horse you have. Please include in your email a pic of the horse. (dont care much about outer beauty, just dont want to drive 2-3 hours to see a malnurished horse again). Please also inlcude a age, sex, temperment, location, conatct info, how many hands, etc. Please include this all in one email so that I can keep up with which horse is where.

We want to buy a horse trailer that is for 3 horses. We prefer a gooseneck. However, we will consider a smaller or larger capacity (2-6 horse trailer) or a bumper pull trailer if priced reasonably. WE DO NOT WANT A NEW TRAILER. We wanta used sound trailer with solid floors with little to no rust. The trailer must be a bit of steal as far as price goes. As we all know, everyone is in a pinch now. WE have calcualted in the prices of everything involved in keeping a horse healthy and happy, so we know what we are getting into. SO we need to save as much money as possible in case an emergency should arive later.
Please email me with the pic, year, model, maker, condition, capacity, price, and location of your trailer.
If it helps the trailer will be pulled with a 2009 Ford F 150 Lariat Crew Cab (dont know engine size, although I know that is the most important thing here, LOL) It does pull a 31 foot 5800 pound tag along camper without a problem. The truck is equipped with electric breaks for our camper and it has a special kind of hitch on it for the camper. We will be installing the thing for the gooseneck this week. Ok, it is obvious that I do not really know what I am talking about. However, my husband does and he will be the one to handle the trailer purchase.
Thanks and please email me with what you got!!


Anyone else think that this person has no clue what they are getting into?


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Saturday, January 30, 2010


HELPP!!!!!!! (IN)
So, my little bay Arab colt, Chance found a home. He is going to live out his days with a girl that is battling cancer. Hopefully, Chance will be just the friend she needs, and she his. The only problem is, is that Chance needs a ride up north to Rochester, IN. Its not a long drive, but we do not have the trailer to get him there. This would mean everything to this girl to get him home. If anyone would like to volunteer their time, and gas money, to make the life of a girl going through something that none of us could fathem. Chance is finding a home of a life time, and this girl is finally able to fill a void that has been empty for sooooo long. Thanks, if you can do it! If not, please pass on the word!

It would mean everything to all 3 of us!
God bless you all....


If anyone can help, this is on the Indianapolis Craigslist. 

Just make sure it is legitimate :-)

Thanks to Bif

Road Safety kit

  • Three warning triangles
  • One 2.75 lb. 10 B. C. metal head. Fire Extinguisher with bracket mounted to inside of lid.
  • Three 20-minute fuses.
  • One hold down strap with hardware.
  • Heavy-duty steel carrying case.

 Here is a simple highway safety kit to carry at all times in your horse trailer.  The components are readily available in most big box, automotive, and RV stores.

Friday, January 29, 2010

i thought it had living quarters

32 foot 4 horse trailer,with changing room - $1150 (KY)

 iam re listing this horse trailer with pics,like i said i dont know much about horse trailers but i thought it had living quarters but its a changing room.this trailer needs some cleaning up and some other small repairs done ,but i think with a little work it would be a nice trailer it has a ramp door on each side and one in the back,iam asking 1150 for the trailer and i think at that price theres room for repairs,it does have some rust at the bootom at the back and sides but nothing that cant be fixed,floor seens to be good
thanks for looking


A two horse bumper pull is a big enough project - which makes this 32 ft monster a nightmare!

Thanks to Bif

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Cleaning out my Junk - Take All or None

Just in case you thought yesterday's post was a fluke, here we go again!

horse trailer and 4 horses cheap (IL)
The horse trailer is 16 ft pull behind.The black and white is a gelding he is a good safe trail riding horse for experiance rider.The brown spoted mare can be ridden by any one of any age very safe safe good horse.The white mare has only been ridden twice since i have owned her she did good no problems.The black colt is 1 yr old.Have had saddle on just about every day the past 3 months.Pakage deal only the horse trailer is worth around 1300.4 horses and trailer for 2300 email


Once again, this is so wrong for so many reasons.  Even less people want FOUR horses and a trailer - except the kill buyer. :-(      I thought three was bad enough yesterday!!  This one also includes an ungelded yearling - that they have been saddling since he was 9 months old???  What does the trailer look like?

Blindingly White!!

'97 2-place horse trailer - $6000 (IN)
1997 Pioneer 2-horse gooseneck trailer w/4' dressing room; completely sandblasted inside and out & repainted, good floor & tires, 7'6"tall - $6000 call Susan xxx-xxx-xxxx or email me


A nicely finished project!  Kinda pricey though for a very plain 13 yr old trailer.

Thanks to Bif

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winner (?) takes all!!

Horse lovers Take it all - $4500 (WI)
This is for someone that wants to get into horses!!!!!

Yes the mares both ride.They are both super nice mares, I have had the older one for 14yrs.and the grulla from brith,

I had both her mom and dad.

1. 4- horse open stock trailer (pull) gray, trailet older 197?
2. 3- horses AQHA(1-10yr. Grulla mare)( 1-19yr mare 16.1hh sorrel) 1- comming 2yr in June 2010 - red dun (stud colt)
the girl on the horse is 10yr old and doesn't know how to ride. The sorrel mare is trail, game broke, very sweet mare and
good to be around.
The colt ties, good to be around but is a stud colt.
3. 2 -english saddles w/pads (1-youth 1- adult)
4. 2- western ( 1-16"large older but nice, 1-Youth )w/blankets ,bridles
5. 4- winter blankets / leg wraps
6. bukets x 6
7. water stock tanks (100gal, 150gal),
8. gates
9.fenceing white ribbin fence posts (50 or so)
10. and much more






If you are looking at getting into horses, RUN AWAY from this as fast as you can.  It will take someone with lots of experience to sort out this mess.

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Rusty Blue

Older 2 horse bumper pull trailer - $600 (MI)

1972 KING 2 hb pull
I have a older small 2 horse bumper pull trailer available for purchas. She's not the prettiest thing and has a little wireing issues to be honest, BUT pulls like a dream! This is a nice beginners trailer and if needed, you could fix her up to look a lot better, but I can assure that it will load and go. I have had it for 2 years pulling it all over Michigan to shows and picking up new minis or hauling for others and works great. But just upgraded to a newer trailer so this one can go. I recomend no big horses as it is a really tight fit (barly fit a 14 hand arab) but perfect for minis, ponies, pigs, sheep, alpacas, goats, or any smaller livestock. Can fit 2 bigger ponies or cram 4 small minis easily. ASKING $600 as is or $800 with wireing fixed...


Another person wants you to pay THEM to fix the problems with the trailer.  Those wheels look awfully rusted as does the rest of the trailer.  $200 is a better offer with the wiring fixed!

Thanks to Bif

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Kite logo

Imperial 2 horse bumper pull - $1950 (MI)
Late Model by Imperial Trailer Company, Repainted in 2007-New Electrical-New Tires, includes full size spare tire.The Trailer is solid- Floor in excelent shape - Body has no rust holes and minor surface rust. It has two small spots in manger and tack area they were there when I bought trailer size of quarter, I applied rust stop before painting and the holes have never gotten larger . There is an escape door on the passenger side of trailer and room for tack and supplies under both sides of manger. This Trailer has been to Texas and back with no problems. Height 6ft.5inch, total lenght of trailer from tounge to tail end is 11feet. My horse is 15.2 hands and long and he fits with no problem. I am not saying this Trailer is perfect but it is solid and for the past 5 years it got my horses and I to every event!

1,950.00 or Best Offer Cash Only No Trades

This paint job always reminds me of a kite.

Thanks to Bif

Monday, January 25, 2010

I have very little money, over a dozen horses, and I need a dirt bike!

Dirt BIke, and horse trailer (WA)
I am in need of a dirt bike, hopefully a 125cc or bigger. I have very little money, but I am licensed to do massage, and could make a few payments with partial trade of massage. I charge 80.00 an hour in home. I am licensed. I also have horses, and would be willing trade at value on them. I have three up, and coming colt who will be standing at stud next year, and the years to follow, could also do a stud fee for the bike. I also need a horse trailer, same terms.


I went to the website - I'm speechless.

Look in the background

1995 Titan Horse Trailer - 3 horse slant with weekender package - $9200 (OH)

I have a 1995, 3 horse slant trailer with a weekender package living quarters. The horse part is a stock combo with a rear enclosed tack. This is a steel trailer and is 24 ft long, with 10 ft of living quarters. It has minimal rust and is in really good shape. The living quarter is equipped with excellent cupboards, air conditioner, a refrigerator, lots of closet space, and a 110 electrical hookup (once plugged in from that outside it runs all the lights and electrical outlets, frig, and air). The living quarter’s is very spacious and open. The floor is and great shape. This trailer is a great trailer and had normal wear and tear. The only reason we are selling it is because we would like a four horse with a shower for trail rides we go on that don't have modern both room facilities.

The trailer had a few minor things that need to be fixed. I bought the trailer and the living quarter’s door was never right. We had a carpenter rebuild the door but I think the door needs to be replaced. It does close shut and stay shut, but it does not lock. The living quarter and the rear tack do not lock as I was not giving keys when I bought the trailer.) The tack room door shuts and works excellent.

I am selling the trailer as is. This is a great trailer and I will be sad to see it go. It was the first trailer I ever bought and it has done me well! We are getting ready to start a family and know we will need a 4 horse. Please email me with any questions:

The pictures I have are from trail rides so they are not great. I will get some better pictures...the blizzard has kept me from wanting to be outside. :)

Cash only please. Serious inquires only! NO SPAMMERS!

This has to be one of the worst pictures used to sell a trailer I have seen so far!
Thanks to Bif

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New York Driftwood

Even more driftwood horses - these are from Rita Dee - she resides in New York

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Horse Trailer Monitoring Systems

•Includes everything to install the system with one camera
•Compact color CCD camera with Sony sensor and integrated transmitter
•Color picture in normal light
•Clear black & white picture even in total darkness
•Camera has 18 automatic infrared LEDs for night vision
•Wide angle lens covers trailer interiors completely
•Single camera will cover most trailers up to 4 horses
•Camera is weatherproof and has an anodized aluminum housing for long life
•7" LCD monitor/receiver can easily be moved to any towing vehicle
•Monitor is easily removed for security or concealment
•Permanently wire or use the included cigarette lighter adapter
•WC-127 monitor includes a full function remote control
•You can play DVDs or tapes from a player through the monitor
•It has a built-in speaker
•You can use up to 4 cameras with this system
•Of course, there is a full instruction manual
•The trailer is independent of the truck and you can use the wireless monitor for viewing when using a different tow vehicle. Just move the monitor and plug it into the cigarette lighter


I really like the idea of being able to see the horses while I am driving.  The wireless systems are the easiest to set up and can be moved from trailer to trailer with the least amount of effort.  The system above is just one of many available on the internet - just type in 'horse wireless monitoring system' into google and you will find them.  Prices are in the $200 - $600 range for the wireless systems.  The wired systems start at around $150.

Here are a couple more:  - this website has an annoying video that automatically plays - this system is $259 and the camera runs on a 9V battery.  This one appears to be the easiest to install and the most versatile - I especially like the fact that you can use it to hook up the trailer and then move it into the horse trailer for the ride. - click on the funny mare story :-)

These systems can also be used in other areas such as the barn, pool, and play areas.

I chose to feature the ranchcam company because of the truck/trailer combination they are using in their ad.  If I was going to spend that much money, I would make sure they match!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy Off Topic

This has to be a joke!!!  This is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard.

Holiday Inn employees keep bed warm for happy customer in Surrey

'Human Bed Warming' Service Launched In UK
9:24am UK, Thursday January 21, 2010
Josh Halliday, Sky News Online

How to stay warm on those cold lonely nights away from home - the answer could be a "toasting suit" away.  Holiday Inn, operator of over 4,000 hotels worldwide, will begin to offer a free five-minute "human bed warming service" at it's London Kensington hotel throughout next week.
If requested, a willing member of hotel staff will jump in your bed, dressed head to foot in an all-in-one sleeper suit, until your nightly chamber warms up.
"Like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed" is how Holiday Inn spokeswoman Jane Bednall described the idea.
Bed Warmers Jacqui Barry and Nick Woods (pictured) helped to beat the big freeze for Laurence Lancashire, centre, at the Holiday Inn Kingston-South in Surbiton, Surrey.
Dr Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said the idea could help people get off to sleep.
He said: "There's plenty of scientific evidence to show that sleep starts at the beginning of the night when body temperature starts to drop.
"A warm bed - approximately 20 to 24C - is a good way to start this process whereas a cold bed would inhibit sleep.
"Holiday Inn's new bed warmers service should help people achieve a good night's sleep especially as it's taking much longer for them to warm up when they come in from the snow."

Interesting storage solution

2 Horse Trailer - $700 (CO)
In-Line 2 horse Trailer

New Floor
Good Tires
Two Large Saddle/Tack boxes
Upper Hay Storage
Good Paint


Those side storage boxes don't look too areodynamic.    It also looks like the most weight will be in the center of the trailer - especially if you have a bunch of hay on top.  That first pic already looks like it is sagging in the middle.
And it is not from Texas!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Only in Texas?

Inline Horse trailer - $1800 (TX)
Paid 2300.00 for this trailer. Spent another 1000.00 for new floor, wheel bearing, brakes, safety check. (have receipt) Trailer is wonderful to pull...2 inch ball.
Does need a paint job due to some rust. 6'6 height. Only reason selling is I received a taller horse and then had to get a taller trailer.

My loss is your gain.
Cash only (scammers do not call me...heard them all).
Thank you,


Always a fascinating trailer.  The trailer seems to be quite a distance back from the truck - much more so than  a regular bumper pull.  The open area on the tongue seems to be a prime spot to stick a leg in and break it (horse or human).  On the other hand, those boxes on both sides of the trailer would be real handy for all of your tools and little used items like a jack, flares etc.  I wonder why they are not installed more often on regular GN trailers?

This one looks like they took the one above and cut it in half!!  LOL

One Horse Trailer - $1900 (TX)
One Horse Trailer - New treated wood floor,New tongue n groove wood in stall area with 1/2" rubber around all walls and rear door,all new padding in stall,removable storm door above rear door,new gravel guard,hay rack,tack boxes on both sides.saddle compartment,good tires w/spare.6'6" inside height,7' on floor plus feed manger and 36" inside width. $1,900.00 Trailer is in good shape and pulls good. Serious Inquiries - CASH ONLY


And here is a third inline style from Texas - the front wheels are much further ahead of the trailer than the first one above and the fenders move with the wheels.

1980 two horse in line trailer shop made - $1750 (TX)
good trailer with alot of storage,solid floor.good rubber except one tire needs replaced .currently running on spare.swivel tongue,2" jay