Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Great Use of Wood

Great art created by Lindsey Molyneux - she resides in Florida

I understand that these pieces sell for $10K and more.


  1. I want one! 10K? Gulp, a bit of an outlay.

    Still sounds cheaper than Bif... and look! They are always sound!!

    Did that come out sounding bitter? I didn't mean to sound bitter...

  2. The college I attended had one on loan for a while. It really was gorgeous!

  3. Oh My Goodness!!!! AWESOME!!!! I feel like trying to make one! My dad has a huge wood lot (240 acres) so I would have plenty of Ressources... I just don't know where to start! GORGEOUS!

  4. Bif - they can get termites!! And they will never nicker when they see you coming with cookies. Boyfriend is a lucky boy to have you. I have a pasture ornament too, so I do understand.

  5. I went and looked at her site... I think I could maybe fashion a wall art one... hmmm... I'll be sure to send you a pic of the final product! =D

    Bif is happy, his
    cookies have arrived . Not that he went without until now *eye roll*... I was trying to do up the surcingle tonight and he's almost too damn fat!

  6. These are amazing! I love the prancing ones they look so neat it's like the inside of the horse, the muscle, and tendons, it's like showing the strength and the inner beauty of which is the horse.

    I want to see her do a barrel racing / polebending one!

  7. thanks everyone! dont worry not all of my scuptures are 10K I make them in all sizes. thank you so much for your suggestions. I am always trying to try new things. cheers! lindsey molyneux