Monday, January 25, 2010

I have very little money, over a dozen horses, and I need a dirt bike!

Dirt BIke, and horse trailer (WA)
I am in need of a dirt bike, hopefully a 125cc or bigger. I have very little money, but I am licensed to do massage, and could make a few payments with partial trade of massage. I charge 80.00 an hour in home. I am licensed. I also have horses, and would be willing trade at value on them. I have three up, and coming colt who will be standing at stud next year, and the years to follow, could also do a stud fee for the bike. I also need a horse trailer, same terms.


I went to the website - I'm speechless.


  1. Well, they do seem well fed... the first one on the sales page is kind of cute. But I could do with a better picture of the foals than next to a mangled wire fence...

  2. You're right - they are currently well fed. What got me was that she had colts under a year old that she plans on breeding next year - and they haven't accomplished anything yet! She has all of her mares pregnant. And she has no money. It also appears she has a young baby of her own. I can see trouble ahead if she has an emergency/unexpected expense. She has too many horses for a single under/unemployed person. JMHO

  3. O...M....G....needs to be forwarded to the Fugly Blog...the horses are ok, but WTF on the facilities (wire with babies??) breeding (they will be barely 2 and haven't done a thing), the lack of money (and I doubt she'll turn any mare owners down, quality horse or not), and even the freaking spelling! This has bad future written all over it. And they may be fed now, but if she is broke, eventually food money will go too...esp with more mouths to feed (she'll prob breed those mares asap again too)....

  4. Why why why! Geez, way sell breedings manure piles, junk, and bad fencing, I have no more words (((shaking head)))

  5. Funny---I ran across this website before and thought it was a train wreck. I hadn't noticed the "mangled" fence before though! Just adds to the overall disaster that is her website. If her website looks like this, can you imagine what her place "really" looks like in person? Just think, her website is supposed to be the "best" representation? Always makes me shudder to think about it!

  6. She should skip the motorcyle and put some money into the fence and junk removal.

    Why cant people stop breeding horses with no future? I just dont understand why they dont see the stupidity in their actions.

    Times get tough people dont know what to do. So they breed. Either themselves or thier animals

  7. Ugh. If you want to get in to dirt biking, maybe sell all the horses? How many expensive hobbies can you have with no money?

  8. Wow, No one want to take the time to find anything out, everyone wants to give their opinion, but have no facts. They are on over 60 acres, There is emergency money set aside for anything that comes up. Wow Find out facts before you talk shit. No Babies from off of my place go out to wire, they are in well built barns, and any picture where they were are pictures from other places of babies I Purchased. None of my animals ever go hungry since I make hay. Once again maybe you should have facts before you all go off half cocked.. And the farm Name is changed Since there was a farm years ago with a similar name who were ripping people off left, and right, and I do not want to be associated with them. As for the Advertising of the horses at the age they were was do to contracts I had to abide with. Grow up, and find something better to do the talk crap.