Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1964 Roy Barnes Design

$1,795 (NE)
Roy D. Barnes 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer. Straight load with center divider, mats and front saddle compartment. This trailer is in excellent structural condition.


Those older designs really did not have much visibility for the horse!!!

This model was called the 'cadillac' of horse trailers as well as the 'corvette' of horse trailers - quite a range from luxury to speed!

With the forward slanting rear and no doors to close, rain and snow can easily get in.

Still a neat design though.

Thanks to Retento!!


  1. It looks Bubbly LOL that's the only way I can explain it...

  2. Yeah... I definitely prefer the newer, lighter designs. Those must have been bold horses that would step into these things.

  3. It looks like what "futuristic" was considered in the 60s!

    My horse will jump anytime he is surprised by water dripping in on him; he'd look like a jumping bean in this!

  4. I like this one. Looks like it's going 60 mph even when it's standing still!