Thursday, January 7, 2010


3yr rose grey mustang mare greenbroke - $175
will be 3 in December. Greenbroke rose grey mustang mare. Papers in hand and she has the freezebrand. Kids have been on her, but she is greenbroke and needs more work. Has been ridden at a local park for 3 hours, on her first ride out(top 2 pictures are at ne park-if you are familiar). she does have her occassional crow hop or buck. She will be well worth someones time, very smooth gait. Trained with Clinton Anderson's natural horsemanship only. Was exposed to a mustang stallion once ~3 months back. Will load on a trailer but needs a little coaxing- Comes off trailer easy though. downsizing and would like a forever home for her. Will trade for horse hay!!!!!!!!!!!!


That mare desperately needs groceries and an upgrade - especially if she is PG!

Nothing like putting helmetless kids on a greenbroke horse that still bucks and crowhops.


  1. Oh, gosh! Where to begin?

    Helmetless kids, well, Darwin at work, I guess... although they seem so innocent...

    And a 3 hour ride her first time out?!? Great way to teach a horse to love it's job... I can't quite see, but with the lack of the noseband in that third pic and the angle of the reins, is that a curb, as well?

    Her right front seems slightly odd in the pics you can see it, and they didn't list the height... yet...

    There's something about her I like... Where was she located??


  2. She is located in North Carolina. Unfortunately the ad is gone so I do not have the contact info.
    She is cute :-)

  3. Poor least they're selling her! WOOHOO! Hopefully, she'll get a smarter home.