Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blindingly White!!

'97 2-place horse trailer - $6000 (IN)
1997 Pioneer 2-horse gooseneck trailer w/4' dressing room; completely sandblasted inside and out & repainted, good floor & tires, 7'6"tall - $6000 call Susan xxx-xxx-xxxx or email me


A nicely finished project!  Kinda pricey though for a very plain 13 yr old trailer.

Thanks to Bif


  1. I can still smell the paint fumes from way over here!

  2. Wow I think I can see my reflection!

    At least your horses will be in stoner's bliss if you put them in there! crazy

  3. I was just thinking they took such great care of it all along that it looked so well, then read the ad and, well, yeah, it's sporting a fresh coat of paint... Duh!

    Not a bad looking trailer though and considering the prices some are asking for their rust buckets- not a bad deal either.