Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Cleaning out my Junk - Take All or None

Just in case you thought yesterday's post was a fluke, here we go again!

horse trailer and 4 horses cheap (IL)
The horse trailer is 16 ft pull behind.The black and white is a gelding he is a good safe trail riding horse for experiance rider.The brown spoted mare can be ridden by any one of any age very safe safe good horse.The white mare has only been ridden twice since i have owned her she did good no problems.The black colt is 1 yr old.Have had saddle on just about every day the past 3 months.Pakage deal only the horse trailer is worth around 1300.4 horses and trailer for 2300 email


Once again, this is so wrong for so many reasons.  Even less people want FOUR horses and a trailer - except the kill buyer. :-(      I thought three was bad enough yesterday!!  This one also includes an ungelded yearling - that they have been saddling since he was 9 months old???  What does the trailer look like?

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  1. At least they haven't been riding him since he was nine months old... hopefully.