Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hide a Key for anyone

Here is a different method of hiding your key while you are away from your vehicle.  This one can be mounted to your trailer or to your vehicle.  I would mount this one out of sight (in the wheel well or under a fender), but still easily accessable.  I have seen these mounted right next to the door on RV's.  While that's handy, it would be too tempting to a thief who has some knowledge about how to open these - hide it!!  This looks like it would be good for hiding your house key too - mounted in an inconspicuous place.

From the website:

Here is the convenient, secure way to avoid the frustration of being locked out of your car or truck. This durable key storage box is constructed using thick rustproof metal walls with an interlocking faceplate for a high degree of security. A heavy duty mechanical keypad -- which needs no batteries -- opens easily using a numeric combination you choose and set yourself. The combination may be changed whenever you wish. The raised keypad design permits opening the unit even in near dark conditions, unlike dial combination types. Surface mount style installs to bumper, wheel well, trailer frame or other metal part with the included hardware. Flexible weatherproof cover protects key holder from mud and other elements. Overall size 4-1/4"l, 2-1/2"w, 1-3/4"d. Titanium body with black cover $33.95


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    1. If you need to store more keys in a really tough lock box, you can mount the Kidde Big Box on your truck or trailer. $44.95 at . And they throw in a removable weatherproof cover.