Saturday, January 30, 2010


HELPP!!!!!!! (IN)
So, my little bay Arab colt, Chance found a home. He is going to live out his days with a girl that is battling cancer. Hopefully, Chance will be just the friend she needs, and she his. The only problem is, is that Chance needs a ride up north to Rochester, IN. Its not a long drive, but we do not have the trailer to get him there. This would mean everything to this girl to get him home. If anyone would like to volunteer their time, and gas money, to make the life of a girl going through something that none of us could fathem. Chance is finding a home of a life time, and this girl is finally able to fill a void that has been empty for sooooo long. Thanks, if you can do it! If not, please pass on the word!

It would mean everything to all 3 of us!
God bless you all....


If anyone can help, this is on the Indianapolis Craigslist. 

Just make sure it is legitimate :-)

Thanks to Bif


  1. I wonder, though, how a very sick young lady can provide "the home of a lifetime" to a colt, probably uncut. I think horses are great comforters for us, and I can see how this can help the girl in a difficult time... but I can also see this NOT going well for the colt in the long run. With all respect, bereaved parents (are they horse knowledgeable?) do not always make the best care givers for a colt... and obviously neither seller nor new owner have the money to ensure he gets proper care, if they can't even pay gas money to have him hauled.

    I work with oncology patients as my job, so I know the emotional importance for the girl, but I just fear this won't turn out well.

  2. My thoughts can a cancer patient be a forever home? One would HOPE she survives and so on....but the odds are not always favorable for that. Then what happens? If this were some 28yo pony, sure, maybe the parents can keep it around a few more yrs after the kid dies...but a 3yo? Heck, even a healthy kid may not be a "forever" home, once highschool, or worse, college obligations and lifestyles intrude...a 3yo will be in its prime when she goes on to college and might not be wanting horses anymore... oh well. Hope it all ends well for the whole group...

  3. My thought was that if you can't afford to pay for a short trailer ride for the horse, you should not get one.
    It is hard to tell how old the horse is -I have heard people talk about their 'colt' which really is a 20 yr old gelding.
    And if she is battling cancer, how is she going to take care of it? Shoveling manure and stacking hay are not jobs for someone who is ill.
    To be honest though, my first thought was that someone was trying to scam a free ride to move the horse. I have seen too many scams on Craigslist so I guess I have become cynical. :-(