Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheapest 4H LQ I've seen so far!

33' Goose-Neck Horse Trailer - $1100
This is a 33' goose-neck trailer. Living quarters in the front and four horse straight load in the back. Needs some TLC. Pulls great. If interesed, please contact Chad at:


It would be good to see a couple of pictures of the inside. How wide? How tall? How big are the living quarters? Brand? Age? What do the LQ consist of? What works? What doesn't? Just how much TLC does it need?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Smiles

The latest in poodle clipping!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Modular Trailer with LQ - Redneck style

Modular LQ two horse straight load trailer ...
30 1/2 feet total length. Nice extra long and wide horse trailer w/ slide out saddle rack and plenty of storage room. Living quarters is 18', sleeps 4 adults. Full bath w/tub and shower and flush toilet. Hot and cold water. Large closets. Kitchen has fold down table for another bed, double stainless sink, 4 burner stove with oven. Large refrigerator w/ freezer and micro-wave. Nice cold air-conditioner, wall heater w/ thermostat. Roll-out awning on front side of trailer. Instruction books for everything. Fifth wheel hookup and fifth wheel plate for truck included. Bolted together and can be taken apart to separate in 2 hours or less.


I have to say, the concept is great! However, 2 hours to separate them is totally unacceptable. 2 minutes would be more like it. There are many times when I have wished we could separate the LQ section from the rest of the trailer and only pull the (shorter) trailer on day rides.
I wonder if they had to beef up the axles on the BP to carry the weight of the horses AND the camper unit?

Sent in by hosspuller from Horse Trailer World - thanks

Friday, August 28, 2009

$92K - and only used once!

Are you looking for that horse trailer to go to horse shows, rodeos, or just on extended trail rides? This is the trailer for you with a 13.6 short wall living quarters with an 8 ft slideout leather sofa/qn bed. Qn bed over the front with flat screen tv, dvd, am/fm radio with exterior speakers, surround sound. and cd player. It has a sat. tracking system and direct tv already wired in. all hard wood interior with copper sinks, 3 burner stove, micro/convection oven. full size shower, copper bath room sink, med. cabinet and more... lots of closet storage. 4 horse with stud pen, drop down windows front and rear with mangers in the front. 4000 onan generator, hay pod, rear tack room. 17 inch tires with alcoa rims, dual electric landing gear, dual propane tanks, electric awning. All very well taken care of only had horses in it once. trailer has only 1000 miles on it... asking $92,000 all warranty comes with it.
Not much else needs to be said. This is the one I want - including the truck to pull it. :-)
(OK - it's unique because you don't see very many used $92,000 trailers on Craigslist - or any list for that matter. Especially ones that have had horses in it only once!)


Update Nov 17:
They have raised the price to 95K!!!!

LQ 4 horse w/slideout - $95000 (CA)
Are you looking for a very lightly used 4 horse trailer with LQ and slide out.... This is a 2008 Hart trailer with a 13.6 short wall comes complete with everything you need to go on the road.... Generator only has approx 113 hrs.. has only a 1000 miles on the trailer and has had 2 horses in it once. Tires are always covered and the outside polished....floors always covered with rugs and had only had adults living in it... Leather sofa always covered.... this unit is like new.... selling as we want to go with larger LQ and smaller horse compartment. call xxx-xx-xxxx or e-mail for more info... have lots and lots of pics.... this has perm tags and you don't have to pay sales tax.... this is a good deal.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bumble Bee

Bumper Hitch - 2 – Horse Tandem Trailer - $1,800.00

Unique look - Clean and ready to work .
Refurbished - All Steel Construction - No rust, no rot .
New 10-ply tires all around .

New races and bearings front and back (freshly packed) Double Undercoated - New wiring harness New 2x treated and sealed deck - New deck pads .

Sanded to metal – primed – 2coats finish – John Deere Yellow (easy future touch-up) I pull it loaded behind my Silverado and it feels like it’s not there. I finished this trailer for myself and did it right - but my brother-in-law owed me money and didn’t have any – so I took his 3 – horse slant with dressing room instead.


I really like this paint job - it stands out in a crowd. Probably won't get stolen either.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The White Whale

This trailer reminded me of a beluga whale.
If you are looking for a 3 horse trailer and space is an issue, this certainly would fit the bill.
It would be nice to know how wide the trailer is (and each stall) and if it can be easily changed to a two horse with wider stalls.
At only $600, it certainly is one of the cheapest enclosed BP 3 horse trailers I have seen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 Horse Stock Trailer!

I'm so excited! has almost new tires on it!!! would be good project trailer!!
Did their cap key break after they typed in the title??
The price is ok at $125, but is it in good enough shape to pull it home? Do they have the canvas that covers the front? Title? How is the floor?
I am looking for a lightweight trailer to make trips to the vet (at $50 each visit, this trailer would pay for itself it only a few trips) or take my horse for lessons/training, but I think I will pass on the 'project' trailers. :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Keep the Trailer Clean With Horse Diapers

This might be what the horse in the Naturmobile might have to wear!
From their website:
When full, all weight is evenly distributed and there are no pressure points
YES - A horse can lie down with Stablemaid
YES - Horses are unable to get their legs caught in Stablemaid
YES - A horse accepts Stablemaid as readily as a horse rug
YES - A mare with a foal can wear Stablemaid and the foal can still drink
YES - The horse is in no discomfort wearing Stablemaid
YES - You can place over a light cotton & use other rugs on top
YES - All waste is completely sealed inside
YES - You can empty while on horse
NO - There is no chance of waste spill
NO - Your horses doesn't come in contact with any waste
NO - There is no chance of horse been soiled

I guess this is one way to keep your shiny new trailer looking good without taking out the mats to scrub the floor everytime! LOL

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Self Powered Trailer!!! The Naturmobile

Ok, it's not a trailer. But it is unique, and it certainly has to do with transporting a horse. Wonder what they do with the manure?


From their website:
Tell us and its yours, completely finished, together with its patent and $100,000. (You'll have to get your own horse, though!) If you want the patent of this cruelty-free invention, plus $100,000 to get you started on the road to making the idea a success, all you have to do is tell us why you think it was invented! And psssst! It wasn't intended as an advertising tool, or a symbol of saving the environment. Those are just potential uses. Our invention, the Naturmobil has got tongues wagging all over the planet. But now were giving you the chance to win the actual patent, plus $100,000. Seriously!! Take a look at our invention.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Something is missing!

This is truly a one and only. Why wouldn't they enclose the entire trailer and use the extra space under the manger area for storage? Is there really that much weight saving? The diagonal bar ensures that you can't put a trunk or box easily in the front.
Any ideas why this design was chosen?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One horse wonders in blue

I must admit I have always been intrigued by the one horse trailer. They seem so impractical, yet handy, in case you just want to haul your horse to the vet or local fox hunt by yourself and did not need to carry any tack/hay/grooming supplies/chairs etc. etc.. I always imagine a horse with goggles and a scarf traveling in this type of trailer with the wind whipping through their mane. :-)
This one appears to have a manger in front, but I do not see an access under it, unless you get to it from inside the trailer. Storage is always nice to have - even if it is only across town.
You could not tie a horse to this trailer unless you were looking for trouble - due to the wide running boards, exposed tail lights and open brace in front, coupled with the open metal frame of the top. This trailer has a canvas top - the owner will weld the framing back on - for some more $$. You would need to get the custom fitted canvas.
It appears (due to the width of the fenders) that this trailer has 4 tires - but it is hard to tell. It also appears that the back opens up to the right.
Yours for only $200.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interesting Yard Ornament

1942 with title horse trailer, restore or use as yard display


 Now this is a cool trailer!! Granted, I would not put my horses in it, but it is very interesting. Kinda looks like it's part submarine!
This trailer is 67 years old and they have a title to it. Amazing - I wonder what it would take to pass a state inspection?
Yard display - I have to think on that. What theme would it fit in? Doesn't look western, really doesn't fit the 'farm equipment' theme. Not highbrow enough for the buggy/wagon theme. What do you think?
I think it probably belongs restored in a horse museum.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oldie, but goodie??? 55 years and still going

I am currently in the market for a 'new' horse trailer. Along the way I have encountered many interesting finds. This older trailer is one of them. As I look at the trailer, I am amazed that a horse would even go into it. It has only one window - a small one at that. The louvered window on the front may provide some light. The escape door is quite tiny and the overall trailer appears to be quite narrow. But something tells me that this was a Cadillac in its day. Is that an air intake above the louvers?

Update on Sept 8:  The trailer has been reduced in price from $1,500 to $1,200 and is now at $1,000.