Monday, August 24, 2009

Keep the Trailer Clean With Horse Diapers

This might be what the horse in the Naturmobile might have to wear!
From their website:
When full, all weight is evenly distributed and there are no pressure points
YES - A horse can lie down with Stablemaid
YES - Horses are unable to get their legs caught in Stablemaid
YES - A horse accepts Stablemaid as readily as a horse rug
YES - A mare with a foal can wear Stablemaid and the foal can still drink
YES - The horse is in no discomfort wearing Stablemaid
YES - You can place over a light cotton & use other rugs on top
YES - All waste is completely sealed inside
YES - You can empty while on horse
NO - There is no chance of waste spill
NO - Your horses doesn't come in contact with any waste
NO - There is no chance of horse been soiled

I guess this is one way to keep your shiny new trailer looking good without taking out the mats to scrub the floor everytime! LOL

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  1. Ummm.

    Yes, a horse can get caught in that. I promise.