Monday, November 30, 2009

Choo! Choo!

For Sale 3 horse slant trailer- 5th wheel, 1991 Pony Express, safetied, living quarters (bed, closet, table, benches, cupboards, counter) asking $5,000 or best offer. Please call Elvin xxx-xxx-xxxx Great condition. Well maintained (ON)


At first glance, that top picture looks like a train!!  LOL
Looks like he is pulling two trailers in the second pic.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Lonely, So Cold - Won't you be my friend?

1960 FORD
ready to restore - $2000 (CO)
1960 F100 This truck has an industrial V8 and 4 speed. Runs and drives, but needs some love. I will also consider trade for 3 horse trailer or fence panels. Call


I wonder if this is a recent picture?   Not going to get much of a 3 horse trailer for this!!  LOL

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Save your Trailer - Storage tips

From the USRider website:
USRider Offers Tips for Trailer Storage Preparation

With the cold and harsh weather of recent winters, more and more horse owners are recognizing the value of protecting their investment and winterizing their horse trailers.
When putting trailers up for the season, it’s important for horse owners to take time to do some preventive maintenance. USRider, the national provider of roadside emergency assistance for horse owners, reminds equestrians that preventive trailer maintenance in important not only in case an emergency arises but also to ensure that their trailers will be in optimal shape for the upcoming riding season.
“Your trailer has safely transported your four-legged friends all season, don't just unhook from the trailer and neglect it during the off-season, or when it is not going to be used for a significant time,” Cole added. “Trailers represent a significant investment and carry precious cargo and should be well maintained – even when not in use – to ensure performance and longevity.”
A recent research project co-sponsored by USRider illustrated the importance of maintaining horse trailers. “The data showed that a leading cause of trailer wrecks is lack of proper maintenance,” said Cole.
With input from Neva Kittrell Scheve, an equine travel expert, USRider maintains a Trailering and Equine Travel Safety Area on its website at
The posted horse trailer preparation tips include:
  • Remove the emergency breakaway battery and store inside, out of the weather. Charge the battery at least every 90 days.
  • Jack up the trailer and place jack stands under the trailer frame so that the weight will be off the tires. Follow trailer manufacturer's guidelines to lift and support the unit. Never jack up or place jack stands on the axle tube or on the equalizers.
  • Lubricate mechanical moving parts, such as the hitch and suspension parts that are exposed to the weather.  Note: On oil-lubricated hubs, the upper part on each roller bearing is not immersed in oil and is subjected to potential corrosion. For maximum bearing life it is recommended that you revolve the wheels periodically (every 2 to 3 weeks) during periods of prolonged storage.
  • In addition to these recommendations, USRider advises horse owners to store the trailer inside, out of the elements if possible. If inside storage is not available, consider purchasing a cover for your trailer. Also, if storing the trailer outside, cover its tires. Tire covers are available through trailer dealers and RV dealers. (Be sure to note the size of your tires when purchasing covers.)
  • When preparing a horse trailer for off-season storage, it’s a good time to take stock of the trailer –evaluate the tires, breakaway battery, and overall condition. Then make a list of equipment and any repairs that are needed. Moreover, go ahead and schedule those repairs and other upgrades to be performed to beat the rush and be ready for next season.
  • Be sure to oil or grease the trailer’s moving parts, such as hinges and jack stands. It is also important to wash and clean your trailer’s interior and exterior thoroughly, and wax its painted surfaces before storing it. This will help maintain the exterior surfaces. Prior to cleaning interior, remove any floor mats.
For additional safety tips, visit the Equine Travel Safety Area on the USRider website at

Friday, November 27, 2009

Crazy or smart?

I have a VERY nice trailer that I have decided to rent out this winter due to me not needing it much over the next several months. This trailer is loaded and would be perfect for anyone needing a trailer for the next few months. The bidding amount is for a monthly payment due to me on the first of each month. Please be aware that the first two months will be due to me upon picking up the trailer. So if you bid the initial $500 you are agreeing to pay that amount at the beginning of each month. THIS IS NOT FOR SELLING THE TRAILER. This is the perfect situation for anyone who may need a trailer but is not in the postion to buy one at this time. This is a $45,000 trailer. This is a 2008 Circle J Living Quarters horse trailer with a slide out to give you tons of room on the inside. This trailer comes with a full bathroom, fridge, freezer, stove, microwave, flat screen TV, stereo system and 2 sinks as well. This trailer is a 3 horse slant but I have removed the dividers in order to be able to haul 4 horses. This trailer is located in Minnesota right now. Winning bidder will either be responsible for the picking up the trailer or I will deliver it if the winning bidder agrees to pay for fuel to deliver it to you. Winning bidder will also be required to put up a security deposit of $500.00. I will need the trailer back in approximately 6 months. If you need a trailer for that period of time, please feel free to bid. Please only bid on this if you are serious and also a responsible person who will take care of this trailer as if it were your own. I will also email additional pictures to you as well. Happy Bidding. Please email me with any questions...

If I had one, I would not rent out my expensive LQ trailer - ever.

I saw this on eBay.  There were 10 bids total and the winner will be paying $2,650 per month to rent it!!  At $88/day that is a good deal if you are going to use it extensively - cheaper than a hotel.  The owner will be pocketing $15,900.  Unless it comes back wrecked and takes that much (or more) to put it back in good condition again...  :-(

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let's see - how can I tie together mobile horses with the Thanksgiving holiday??????

How about the Trojan Horse - part of the 10 year Trojan war that was fought in TURKEY!!  And almost always shown on wheels!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iron out the wrinkles first

Horse Trailer Bumper Pull New Paint Thoroughbread - $2500 (VA)
I am selling my horse trailer. It is a 7' tall thoroghbread horse trailer. It is made by Hartman. It was just painted the year before last with emron paint. Good condition. Asking $2500 firm. Please call xx-xxx-xxxx


Nice paint job (if you just ignore the overspray on the inside of the door) - unfortunately the smooth, shiny paint finish exaggerates every flaw making the trailer look like it has been in an accident.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Corrugated Siding?

Horse Trailer - $1200 (FL)
if interested see pics


Hmmmmm..........  weird, just plain weird.

Thanks to Cherie

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Have Our 4 Yr Old Ride the 8 Month Old Filly!

8 month old Palomino filly - $950 (CA)
Quarter horse, Haflinger mix.

Born in march of 2009
Very very gentle and friendly. Halter and trailer broke. Ties and trims well.
Beautiful horse! A must see!
We also have pictures of her parents.


Are these people nuts????

What a Bargain!

Horse Trailer - $7000 (AK)
Bee - 2 horse bumper pull, rear ramp load, 7' tall, padded divider, rubber mats on floor, full escape doors on front, only hauled once from Eads to Germantown. Paid $8,500.00 in June 09'. My loss your gain. Daughter lost interest. $7,000.00 OBO.


Wow - $1,500 for one use!!!  Can you say 'SPOILED'??  The daughter lost interest pretty quickly.   Wonder what they did with the horse?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Latest in Fashion

Nope, not for me!!  LOL

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cover Your Trailer - Part 2

A HUGE selection of  'instant' garages are available!!!!   Some come with anchor kits - others charge extra.  You can have optional roll-up doors or zippered doors on the front and back. Some have extra framing for heavy snow loads.  I have seen them in green, gray, blue, tan, and white.  Styles include, round, house, and barn.  Some are expandable in 4' sections.  Tons of options and sizes.


This one is around $1,300

From the website:
The barn style instant portable garage everyone has been asking for!

This is a good looking storage shed, boat, RV or camper enclosure. At twenty eight feet long, there's plenty of room for all your toys!
Keeping vehicles covered and dry is one use, but there are thousands of uses of this size and the barn style roof make snow slide right off. The UV protected fabric stops the sun from penetrating giving the cover a long life.

Not too bad - of course, it has a really nice concrete pad and shows the double frame option (for heavy snow loads) - another $1,000 for that option!!!  (12x28x12)


From the website:
The ShelterLogic Instant Garage features a unique round style design that delivers 4-season protection for cars trucks, boats and more. Heavy-duty portable shelter is a low cost solution compared to more permanent storage options. All steel frame and heavy-duty ripstop UV-treated 9-oz. waterproof fabric cover. Includes zippered front door, solid back panel and temporary anchoring system. Gray with white interior.

This one is around $850 - similar size to the first one. (12x28x10)


From the website:
Rhino Shelter Garages provide the best in instant and portable protection for any purpose. Typical uses include vehicle protection and storage, equipment/material storage, and workshop areas. The pre-drilled frame is easily assembled with minimal hand tools. Unlike other products, no drilling or field cutting is required.
Main Cover and Doors are long life UV Resistant Fire Retardant Poly with Fabric Backing. All fabric components feature Heat Welded Seam construction. Unit features double zipper doors on Both Ends to allow drive though capability, and good ventilation. Each door contains a pocket for a rigid pole.
Each unit comes equipped with permanent anchor system and one door roll-up kit.

~ $1,100  Also similar in size to the first two shown above. (14x24x10)


Here is an RV sized option:

This RVshelter is 14" wide 15' high and 42' long and is priced at ~ $2,400


As you can see, there are many options and price points.  A little research on the internet and you can find just about any size on these instant garages you could possible want for your horse trailer storage needs in any climate.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How about a boat?

Oct 28
Screw it ! I have to sell my boat - $500 (NV)
I have to sell my boat ! I lost my wife, Job and now I must sell my boat..... 15ft glass fishing boat with 35 horse Chrysler two stroke. Crap ! $500 takes it and the trailer. Worth 5 times what I am asking...Bob xxx-xxx-xxxx


At first I thought the ad was funny.

Then I found earlier ads:

Oct 23
Divorce forces sale - $1000 (NV)
I have to sell my boat that I just bought this summer. Shes a 14 foot fiberglass hull with a 35 horse Chrysler two stroke motor with trailer. I paid $1500 for her and she can now be yours for $1000 with both titles for boat and trailer. Big loss after 35 years of marriage and broken heart. Gonna miss my boat...Yea...Her too Call Bob at  xxx-xxx-xxxx

Here is his next ad:
Oct 26:
Emergency Sale - $600 (NV)
I have been hit with unreal personal problems. Now my car is dead and I have to get it fixed ASAP. I do not want to do this but I have to sell my Boat and trailer NOW! $600 takes it today. I have pinks on both the trailer and Boat. 15 foot fiberglass with 35 horse Chrysler two stroke. Call me today please and may God bless you if you do. I am in a world of hurt but cannot take less than $600...Bob  xxx-xxx-xxxx

OK - now I really feel bad for the guy.  I almost want to send him a check!

Use what you have

2 horse trailer - $950 (NC)
needs paint job all lites work good, pulls great, no title but can go to dmv and get 1 already cked on


Retento's sharp eye caught the use of an actual floor jack on the front of this trailer!  Redneck engineering at its finest - LOL

Thanks to Retento.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


HorseTrailer - $750 (NC)
Two horse tag-a-long horse trailer

Needs minor repairs
No title


To me, a minor repair is something along the lines of replacing a broken lens or touch up paint.  Not totally painting the trailer after all the rust is taken care of, putting in windows, and adding a decent jack!

Thanks to Retento

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got bit!

Tennessee Walker - $999 (TX)
Schooner is a 4 year old Tennessee Walker gelding. He is naturally gaited; he often gaits in the pasture. He will do the running walk that Tennesse Walkers are known for, and he also likes to pace. He loads and rides very well in a horse trailer, has good ground manners, is up to date on shots and coggins, stands for the farrier and currently has all 4 shoes.
I bought Schooner as a green broke 2 year old a couple of years ago. He was hugely under weight. I spent the first 6 months fattening him up. Then I rode him for 6 months. He was doing great. He would walk slowly behind my Quarter horse without protest or he would happily move out in front. We rode on rocky terrain, in woods, across creeks, and on the road. Incidentally, he loves blacktop and will gait right along.
Then, while crossing a grassy field, he got stung in a rather personal spot. He was terrified and I got hurt. We both lost our confidence. He is a bit spooky now. Unfortunately, I am nervous which makes him more nervous. He has great potential. But I have accepted that I can no longer train him. He needs an experienced rider. I am asking $999 or will take the best offer.

Poor boy!   He looks well fed though.....

An even bigger bumperpull

Kingston 4 horse trailer - $2700 (NH)
Kingston four horse tag-a-long (bumper pull) trailer. 1976, triple axle, loaded weight around 10,000lbs. Has carpeted dressing room and tack compartment with saddle rack. (Room for 8 saddles.) Seven new tires in 2007. New brakes 2007. New pressure treated floor 2005. Painted 2005. Wiring checked and fixed in 2007. Put up on lift in 2007 to check frame, found good. Wheel bearings checked and repacked in 2007. Front two horses have mangers, back two TB style. Stud doors between. Head dividers all around. Dividers between horses are half, and are removable. Four escape doors. Fully matted. Plenty of ventilation. Ramp hinge needs welding, but trailer is in usable shape. Does have some rust and rot in exterior sheet metal here and there and is missing some interior padding. Has weight distributing hitch brackets and sway bar attachment. This is a sturdy, heavy, well-built trailer. They don't make them like this anymore. If you want to tow with a Suburban or van, or have a camper, this is a great alternative to a goose neck. Pulls like a dream with my 3/4 ton Suburban, never an issue with sway. Will hold 100 bags of shavings or 100 or so bales of hay. More pictures available.


Better check the towing capacity/tongue weight.  Maybe this can be the second trailer for the one listed yesterday!!  LOL

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Care to pull TWO trailers?

21 Foot 4 Horse Kingston Trailer - $4200 (NC)
21 foot 4 horse Kingston trailer with 3 torque spring axles with 6 new tires, new brakes and excellent floor. 2 front full size access doors, with 2 side escape doors, multiple stall configurations with removal divders, heavy duty rubber mats, light hookup and reese hitch hookup in rear to pull second trailer. 7 foot 6 inches tall inside.

I can hardly imagine pulling this bumper pull monster fully loaded down the road, much less a second trailer behind it!!!

Thanks to Retento

If you absolutely have to have a 4H BP Kingston trailer and want a DR as well, check back tomorrow.

Monday, November 16, 2009

What is big, ugly and red?

goose neck trailer - $800 (NC)
this is an old 25' goose neck trailer used to move cows. has not been used in several years. has some rust and wear and tare but still solid. all metal sides and top with a wood floor. come look at it and see the posibilities. 800 obo. call xxx-xxx-xxxx


Lots of possibilities - scrap it, burn it, junk it, bury it, crush it, drown it, recycle it........

Thanks to Retento

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What to do when a trailer is not in your budget?

Note the upside down license plate!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's Ride the Yearling

Tri Colored Paint Yearling Colt - $200
Chief is a Tri Colored Paint Yearling. He is very beautiful with a great disposition. He is just so sweet. He is great for the ferrier has never tried to kick, bite, or be agressive in anyway. He Stands to be bathed. Has been saddled and bridled several times and just stands you dont have to tie him up at all. He is not afraid of cars, 4 wheelers, or anything like that, he has been trail riding with us. He has had the kids on him and they have rode him around bare back. He is halter broke and loads onto a horse trailer very well. You couldnt ask for a better colt. He is ready to be gelded. He will mature to be 15-15.2HH is going to be very easy to train and will make someone a fantastic horse once he's trained. call or text me for more information or pictures or if you would like to come look at him. my number is XXX-xx-xxxx (IN)


What a bunch of ASSHATS!! They are riding a YEARLING!?!?!  And that halter with that fancy gate is an accident waiting to happen.  Is that crap in the background inside the fence?  Some groceries wouldn't hurt either.