Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Lonely, So Cold - Won't you be my friend?

1960 FORD
ready to restore - $2000 (CO)
1960 F100 This truck has an industrial V8 and 4 speed. Runs and drives, but needs some love. I will also consider trade for 3 horse trailer or fence panels. Call


I wonder if this is a recent picture?   Not going to get much of a 3 horse trailer for this!!  LOL


  1. I love people that live in happy land.... la la la!

  2. That truck is a classic, if all the parts are there they could get a decent enough three horse for it.

  3. PTN333 - I agree - it is a classic truck - quite valuable if it were restored:
    (I'm kinda partial to a red 57 Chevy stepside with the rear wrap-around window :-) )

    I was going mainly by the price they are looking to get for it: $2K is not going to be much of a 3 horse trailer. Probably an older stock trailer.