Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An even bigger bumperpull

Kingston 4 horse trailer - $2700 (NH)
Kingston four horse tag-a-long (bumper pull) trailer. 1976, triple axle, loaded weight around 10,000lbs. Has carpeted dressing room and tack compartment with saddle rack. (Room for 8 saddles.) Seven new tires in 2007. New brakes 2007. New pressure treated floor 2005. Painted 2005. Wiring checked and fixed in 2007. Put up on lift in 2007 to check frame, found good. Wheel bearings checked and repacked in 2007. Front two horses have mangers, back two TB style. Stud doors between. Head dividers all around. Dividers between horses are half, and are removable. Four escape doors. Fully matted. Plenty of ventilation. Ramp hinge needs welding, but trailer is in usable shape. Does have some rust and rot in exterior sheet metal here and there and is missing some interior padding. Has weight distributing hitch brackets and sway bar attachment. This is a sturdy, heavy, well-built trailer. They don't make them like this anymore. If you want to tow with a Suburban or van, or have a camper, this is a great alternative to a goose neck. Pulls like a dream with my 3/4 ton Suburban, never an issue with sway. Will hold 100 bags of shavings or 100 or so bales of hay. More pictures available.


Better check the towing capacity/tongue weight.  Maybe this can be the second trailer for the one listed yesterday!!  LOL


  1. I really can't imagine pulling these huge bumper pulls. My trailers have all been steel but all goosenecks and I have a Dodge 350 diesel so even with 200,000 plus miles on it, my transmission is still fantastic! I've not seen these long bumper pulls anywhere but I can't imagine hooking two of them together to haul! Maybe one is a spare in case the other one craps out? LOL!

  2. A 3/4 pulling a "10,000 loaded weight" bumper pull? I am in a nervous sweat. Maybe I am just not made of stern enough stuff.

  3. I owned one of these recently, they are WONDERFUL!!! the tripple axel takes alot of weight off of your truck and they pull very smooth, i pulled mine with my f150. mine had breaks on it and it stoped great, they are not a pushy trailer.. very surprising for what they are. sold mine for $3200