Friday, November 6, 2009

A Welder's Nightmare!

old horse trailer - $200 (CA)
Not good to haul horses in now. Had two good axles buyer take all A welder dream. please call Gloria  or email


They would have to pay me to haul that thing away and fix it!

Had two good axles???    How many are good now?


  1. It almost sounds like they sold the two good axles. Grammar fail.

  2. Seriously, how much is steel a pound? It would be more cost effective to drop it off for $0.25/pound, wouldn't it? That's got to weigh at least 800 pounds...

  3. Scrap steel is around $0.15/pound right now. I would estimate that trailer weighs around 2,500 lbs. So they could get about $375 if they took it to the scrap yard! Hmmmm - too bad it is all the way across the country - I would offer them $100, take it to the scrap yard and have $275 for hay!! LOL