Monday, November 2, 2009

Vintage 1947

Vintage Thoroughbred Horse Trailer - $800 (WA)
Price reduced on this 1947 Brown Industries nice aluminum ramp load trailer with single axle. Extra tall for your thoroughbred or can be used for any purpose. Excellent condition for it's age, has an escape door thru the front, and storage underneath the mangers. All the lights work perfectly. Needs tabs.


Tabs?  Does that mean a license plate?  Or an inspection?  Or what?
This is a nice looking trailer - especially for a 1947.  It's 62 yrs old - ready to retire!


Nov 7 update:
I found this same trailer on another site and it was at $1500 - quite a reduction down to $800!!  More pictures too. Looks 'space age.'

Did they get the fenders from a 1947 Dodge and just put them on backwards?  They both have the 4 raised 'stripes'


  1. Poor horsies would have no view, although I can picture them with little faces pressed against the front glass.. until they get a louvre stuck in the eye.

  2. I can just see a horse trying to squeeze between the mangers to get out the front door!! LOL