Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cover Your Trailer - Part 2

A HUGE selection of  'instant' garages are available!!!!   Some come with anchor kits - others charge extra.  You can have optional roll-up doors or zippered doors on the front and back. Some have extra framing for heavy snow loads.  I have seen them in green, gray, blue, tan, and white.  Styles include, round, house, and barn.  Some are expandable in 4' sections.  Tons of options and sizes.


This one is around $1,300

From the website:
The barn style instant portable garage everyone has been asking for!

This is a good looking storage shed, boat, RV or camper enclosure. At twenty eight feet long, there's plenty of room for all your toys!
Keeping vehicles covered and dry is one use, but there are thousands of uses of this size and the barn style roof make snow slide right off. The UV protected fabric stops the sun from penetrating giving the cover a long life.

Not too bad - of course, it has a really nice concrete pad and shows the double frame option (for heavy snow loads) - another $1,000 for that option!!!  (12x28x12)


From the website:
The ShelterLogic Instant Garage features a unique round style design that delivers 4-season protection for cars trucks, boats and more. Heavy-duty portable shelter is a low cost solution compared to more permanent storage options. All steel frame and heavy-duty ripstop UV-treated 9-oz. waterproof fabric cover. Includes zippered front door, solid back panel and temporary anchoring system. Gray with white interior.

This one is around $850 - similar size to the first one. (12x28x10)


From the website:
Rhino Shelter Garages provide the best in instant and portable protection for any purpose. Typical uses include vehicle protection and storage, equipment/material storage, and workshop areas. The pre-drilled frame is easily assembled with minimal hand tools. Unlike other products, no drilling or field cutting is required.
Main Cover and Doors are long life UV Resistant Fire Retardant Poly with Fabric Backing. All fabric components feature Heat Welded Seam construction. Unit features double zipper doors on Both Ends to allow drive though capability, and good ventilation. Each door contains a pocket for a rigid pole.
Each unit comes equipped with permanent anchor system and one door roll-up kit.

~ $1,100  Also similar in size to the first two shown above. (14x24x10)


Here is an RV sized option:

This RVshelter is 14" wide 15' high and 42' long and is priced at ~ $2,400


As you can see, there are many options and price points.  A little research on the internet and you can find just about any size on these instant garages you could possible want for your horse trailer storage needs in any climate.


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  2. Thanks for the link Laura. I see that they have the RV sized one for only $1,949 - it sure pays to shop around!