Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Care to pull TWO trailers?

21 Foot 4 Horse Kingston Trailer - $4200 (NC)
21 foot 4 horse Kingston trailer with 3 torque spring axles with 6 new tires, new brakes and excellent floor. 2 front full size access doors, with 2 side escape doors, multiple stall configurations with removal divders, heavy duty rubber mats, light hookup and reese hitch hookup in rear to pull second trailer. 7 foot 6 inches tall inside.

I can hardly imagine pulling this bumper pull monster fully loaded down the road, much less a second trailer behind it!!!

Thanks to Retento

If you absolutely have to have a 4H BP Kingston trailer and want a DR as well, check back tomorrow.


  1. Hm, sounds kind of cool. Do you have to get a special driver's license to pull a double trailer? I sure hope so.

  2. I am looking for a coors original horse trailer ice chest. I do not know if this is the proper way to advertise for one but new at this. If you can assist please email me at caprock3@ptsi.net. Thank you so much. Doug

  3. SB - it just depends on which state you live in. When I lived out west the triple trailers were common - and scared me half to death! That third trailer really sways back and forth.

    Douger - I do not know where the Coors coolers are sold - I found that one on Craigslist in TX.

  4. I like some things about this trailer... but that's a big trailer with a lot of sway to be a bumper pull. Old school- bigger than two horse, make it a goose neck.

    And a second trailer... only if there are no animals in either one!!

  5. now i have owned one of these trailers though mine was with a tack room to so was 27 ft. long. they are great to pull and are very steedy going. but i would have NEVER pulled another trailer behind it.. ever