Friday, November 27, 2009

Crazy or smart?

I have a VERY nice trailer that I have decided to rent out this winter due to me not needing it much over the next several months. This trailer is loaded and would be perfect for anyone needing a trailer for the next few months. The bidding amount is for a monthly payment due to me on the first of each month. Please be aware that the first two months will be due to me upon picking up the trailer. So if you bid the initial $500 you are agreeing to pay that amount at the beginning of each month. THIS IS NOT FOR SELLING THE TRAILER. This is the perfect situation for anyone who may need a trailer but is not in the postion to buy one at this time. This is a $45,000 trailer. This is a 2008 Circle J Living Quarters horse trailer with a slide out to give you tons of room on the inside. This trailer comes with a full bathroom, fridge, freezer, stove, microwave, flat screen TV, stereo system and 2 sinks as well. This trailer is a 3 horse slant but I have removed the dividers in order to be able to haul 4 horses. This trailer is located in Minnesota right now. Winning bidder will either be responsible for the picking up the trailer or I will deliver it if the winning bidder agrees to pay for fuel to deliver it to you. Winning bidder will also be required to put up a security deposit of $500.00. I will need the trailer back in approximately 6 months. If you need a trailer for that period of time, please feel free to bid. Please only bid on this if you are serious and also a responsible person who will take care of this trailer as if it were your own. I will also email additional pictures to you as well. Happy Bidding. Please email me with any questions...

If I had one, I would not rent out my expensive LQ trailer - ever.

I saw this on eBay.  There were 10 bids total and the winner will be paying $2,650 per month to rent it!!  At $88/day that is a good deal if you are going to use it extensively - cheaper than a hotel.  The owner will be pocketing $15,900.  Unless it comes back wrecked and takes that much (or more) to put it back in good condition again...  :-(

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