Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Corrugated Siding?

Horse Trailer - $1200 (FL)
if interested see pics


Hmmmmm..........  weird, just plain weird.

Thanks to Cherie


  1. I wonder if they always pull this 'unique horse trailer' with the lawn tractor? The paint scheme is also very unique. I'm not sure the span between the axles is very settling. Design flaw?

  2. WTF??? And I do not abbreviate lightly!

    Weird ventilation, mismatched tires,lovely "racing(?)" paint scheme; is there even wood or something inside as a solid barrier to the outside world? Maybe it is intended as a mobile chicken coop like Polyface Farms might use, but still that should have better ventilation. And, I personnaly love the tractor. This is at least 6 different kinds of WTF?