Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you need a barn buddy

free horse and trailer for sale - $500
5 year old gelding..buckskin...utd on all shot and everything else...recently messed up a rear muscle in leg and can not ride again..will make a great pet or barn buddy for another horse...we moved here from south carolina and dont have any land to keep him on or he would stay with us...but can not contuine boarding him.... vet was called and he will be put down at end of month if can not place him...

trailer is a two horse bumper pull..bought for 700..nothing pretty just does his job...not sure of year or make has had floor replace with the last three years,...i pulled all new wires thru trailer and new lights....has three or four inch thick rubber mats inside...has removeable center divider...might not fit a tall tb on but has had a very large draft inside with divider removed....
will not sell trailer tell the horse issue has been taking care of...but will sell to first person that wants it...if that make sense...might need to use trailer to still move horse
thank you..if someone could please save my little buddies life i really really really do not want to put him down but we can not keep paying board for a horse we can not do anything with...

i do have picture but cannot upload them for some reason
I hate finding these.  If anyone is interested, the horse is located in the VA/MD area.


  1. "We can not keep paying board for a horse we can not do anything with..." ~No, you don't WANT to pay board for a horse you can't do anything with. No one really WANTS to spend a lot of money on an animal when they can't "enjoy him to the fullest". Unless your livelihood depends on using your horse, however, that statement is a flat out lie, and is your opportunity to take a good look at
    yourself and how you view your priorities, animals, etc.

    When you buy/adopt an animal, do you have the resources and heart to provide the animal with the medical care and longterm home they need if they loose value and are not able to be sold? If not, are you willing to euthanize to ensure the quality of life was high quality until the end? As with everything, if people just realized that these are not infrequent possibilities, you would find a lot more people that shouldn't own animals doing the right thing and not buying an animal they can not provide with a quality existence.

    As we all know, today there are enough sound horses that can't find homes, why would someone take in a 'barnbuddy' if they can be paying for an animal that could be used instead? I hope they are able to find him a good companion home, but sadly, since these 'owners' would rather put there personal pleasure above the commitment they made their "little buddy", euthanizing is preferable to going to a home where care can become subpar, or his longterm future is not secured.

    I am in a similar situation with my horse, who is only eight but with a degenerating joint that prohibits use and will shorten his comfortable life. I can not at this time afford a second horse, so I must wait until Bif is ready to be put to sleep before I can again have horse to ride. That could be two years, twelve years, or three months... there's no way to know. I choose to board him so I can spend more time with him and still see and help all my barn friends, instead of retiring him at a friend's. He gets an assortment of supplements (close to $100/month) to keep his leg comfortable as long as possible, so he can have the best life as long as posssible. He'll continue to have his chiropractor as needed, his farrier every 6 weeks, teeth floated twice a year (due to missing premolar), etc, because that is my standard of how to care for a horse. He's gone through well over 12 thousand (which I didn't really have, but couldn't leave a young horse with the issue(s) without trying to make him useful) in medical expenses, and I've had him less than two years. And I WOULD rather euth than give him to a companion home that wants to ride him until he is LAME, that wouldn't care for him as well as I do, or just might not notice his pain is increased (he's extremely stoic) and keep him alive after the point he is suffering.

    Sorry, just a topic very close to my heart.

  2. Just sent an e-mail to the owner. I know this horse - he shared a pasture with one of my horses earlier this year.

    My friend has offered to take him (we don't want the trailer). Waiting for a reply, so keep your fingers crossed.

  3. Bif - I know exactly what you mean!! I had my last mare for 23 years. Since I had the facilities, I took in an aged, half blind, cripple mare(body score of less than 1 - she is probably a body score closer to 7 or 8 right now - she puts on weight very easily) knowing that she would be 'just' a pasture ornament for the rest of her life. I had to think long and hard about getting a second horse - he was only 6 when I got him last year. That is a committment for about another 25+ years!!
    I would make a lousy horse dealer - I could never sell any of them!

    Heidi - that is great news! Please keep us updated. I would love to know how it turns out. I hope your friend is able to get him.

  4. Good news! This horse is on its way to a farm in Spotsylvania, VA. We still don't know the extent of his injuries, but he will be a pasture buddy. He's a sweet horse and hopefully can be rehabilitated.

  5. Heidi - that is great news! I hope that he lives a long and happy life and that his previous owners never get another horse. Do you think you could get some pics to post? Thanks