Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hitch Safe

Here is a neat idea!  A great place to put your key or $$ while you are out riding.

From the website:

Converts hitch receiver into a VAULT! Two hitch pins secure vault portion from INSIDE the receiver. The only way vault can be removed is when the 10,000 combination drawer is removed. The drawer holds spare keys and even drivers license and credit cards! Great for outdoor sports when carrying these items are a hassle or can become lost. Dust cover protects and conceals.

NEVER be locked out again!  $69.95


  1. I like it, but we need a vault when we've hauled in to a trailhead for a ride... you wouldn't want to unhitch just to put your key in the receiver.

    I know, they have little things you can put on the trailer, right?

  2. that was the thought I had...looked like a great idea, til I (DUH) realized it only works when your trailer is unhooked and the hitch is out. Which makes the whole endeavor pointless :( Ah well...I will just continue to lock stuff in my tack room and then hide the TR key in my secret place :)

  3. I have to admit I was thinking of this as being handy on camping trips when you unhook the trailer. In addition, I have a GN so the trailer hitch is always free. Next week I will post a neat hidden key vault that can be used when you are still hitched up with a bumper pull. And now that I found one, I think I like it better.

  4. It doesn't look like a little plastic/concrete rock, does it? ;)