Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Kite logo

Imperial 2 horse bumper pull - $1950 (MI)
Late Model by Imperial Trailer Company, Repainted in 2007-New Electrical-New Tires, includes full size spare tire.The Trailer is solid- Floor in excelent shape - Body has no rust holes and minor surface rust. It has two small spots in manger and tack area they were there when I bought trailer size of quarter, I applied rust stop before painting and the holes have never gotten larger . There is an escape door on the passenger side of trailer and room for tack and supplies under both sides of manger. This Trailer has been to Texas and back with no problems. Height 6ft.5inch, total lenght of trailer from tounge to tail end is 11feet. My horse is 15.2 hands and long and he fits with no problem. I am not saying this Trailer is perfect but it is solid and for the past 5 years it got my horses and I to every event!

1,950.00 or Best Offer Cash Only No Trades

This paint job always reminds me of a kite.

Thanks to Bif


  1. Yay Kites!

    I never got the whole 'diamond' on the back door thing either. But I guess back when- it was the newest, latest, greatest thing to happen. I have to say though, the downward point on the trim on the front- Wonderfull for helping you hooking up. Line up the point on the trailer with the handle on the tailgate- done.

  2. Yep. This looks like the best trailer you've posted to date, excluding the dream trailers, of course.

  3. Poor Margarita,

    I send her stuff, and some I'm sure she thinks, "Why is this interesting?"

    Yeah, I just kinda found the paint job amusing! I hadn't though about it, but C-n-J makes a great point about easier to hitch up. Perhaps I won't judge so hastily next time I see one like it.

  4. Good tip CNJ!

    Bif - keep sending them - I enjoy opening the emails to see what you have found. I thought the paint job was interesting too. I had seen a couple of them, but I was hoping to find one where the 'kite' was really crazy - maybe made of diamond plate or a large mural.

  5. OMG I never thought of the whole kite idea...

    Next time I see a trailer like this, I am going to tie a long piece of twine to the end so it will really be like a kite!