Friday, January 22, 2010

Interesting storage solution

2 Horse Trailer - $700 (CO)
In-Line 2 horse Trailer

New Floor
Good Tires
Two Large Saddle/Tack boxes
Upper Hay Storage
Good Paint


Those side storage boxes don't look too areodynamic.    It also looks like the most weight will be in the center of the trailer - especially if you have a bunch of hay on top.  That first pic already looks like it is sagging in the middle.
And it is not from Texas!


  1. This has got to be a homemade job? I can't imagine anyone actually manufacturing these?

  2. I've actually seen these before... I wouldn't trust them... I would much prefer having a tack room...

    I wish I would have saved this one ad for you to post... it seriously read as follows:

    UGLY HORSE TRAILER: Needs paint.

  3. A better more logical place to put the hay would be in the front part of the trailer. It looks like there is plenty of room in the nose, up over the front axle. But then hey, what do we know?

  4. It looks like one trailer ran head on into the other trailer and now they're trying to sell it.

    Or maybe it's just me.

  5. Another WTF? It looks as if a tractor got out of the field and mated with a horse trailer; quite the love child!