Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Trade, Another "Exposed"


we have listed here a very well mannered and broke to ride for a semi exp person mustang mare, she is great on trails and roads, have done alot of extensive ground manners with her and listens and responds very nicely. her only fault at this point is that she is bred and they did not inform us of that when we bought her. anyways she is 15.2 hands and we are ridding her western pleasure, she will stand,tie,bath,clip,trailer,stand for farrier, and does not spook at all. gets along great with my other mares also in pastures. we are seeking a forever home for her. yea she is a mustang but she is broke to dealth we want someone with exp to buy her and that has ridden mustangs or has some knowledge of this breed, we have limited experience with these horses and want the right person to take care of her like we have been doing. she has been ridden bareback also and rode in the woods and around traffic and lakes and has performed fantastic. and if shes bred you get a baby also for the price. everything up to date and shes ready for all your upcomming ridding needs. asking $1.500 o.b.o. i also want to throw in a one year old arabien stud non reg, (moving) i am in need of a four horse bumperpull trailer in decent shape.


Her only fault??? Since when is pregnancy a fault??  And what does 'broke to dealth' really mean?

I like how they throw in the one year old stud  (stud??? - is he breeding already?) at the end of the ad - so you get THREE for the price of one.  Great.


  1. God bless America!
    We need it...

  2. I'm curious as to why they keep saying that she needs someone who knows mustangs. Does she have some weird quirk? If she's "broke to death" it shouldn't matter if the new owner knows mustangs in general.

  3. My guess is, these people realized something...

    Most mustangs are smarter than the people that own them... or, too many people who fail with mustangs don't have true horse sense like they think they do. Mustangs are more like deer than domestic horses if they don't trust the humans working with them. Body language is paramount, and if they sense fear, they won't trust you to lead and you're screwed.

    That's speaking generally. This one seems to have been fairly well ground handled and at least greenbroke if their description is accurate.

    I don't know.

  4. Poor little colt. Is it just me, or does he look malnourished & stunted?

    People are weird about mustangs like they're weird about mares.