Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another inexpensive LQ trailer

Gooseneck Horsetrailer with livin quarters - $3500 (ID)
Year: 1977
Make: WW
Body: HE
Length: 35
We painted the interior and add a new wood floor. We gutted out a camper and made the front of this horse trailer a livin quarters. The table and chairs make into a bed. You can also make a bed above the table. There is a queen sized mattress above gooseneck part too. We don't really want to sell, but we have to due to a garnishment. We need to sell ASAP. We are asking $3500 or best offer to pay off our debt and stop the garnishment
I hope they have money to feed their horses if they have any.  :-(

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  1. The thing is, its old and its heavy! My barn owners have an older steel trailer with living quarters, heavier than all get out (I forget what they said it weighed). Even their diesel dually F350 superduty is a bit underpowered for it. Really needs a semi truck to pull it well. It was just starting to need a little exterior work, otw it was in great shape. They were going to sell it for around $2500 only. But then they sent it off to get fixed up and much to my suprise it came back repainted in their barn color so I'm thinking they are keeping it:)