Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rusty Blue

Older 2 horse bumper pull trailer - $600 (MI)

1972 KING 2 hb pull
I have a older small 2 horse bumper pull trailer available for purchas. She's not the prettiest thing and has a little wireing issues to be honest, BUT pulls like a dream! This is a nice beginners trailer and if needed, you could fix her up to look a lot better, but I can assure that it will load and go. I have had it for 2 years pulling it all over Michigan to shows and picking up new minis or hauling for others and works great. But just upgraded to a newer trailer so this one can go. I recomend no big horses as it is a really tight fit (barly fit a 14 hand arab) but perfect for minis, ponies, pigs, sheep, alpacas, goats, or any smaller livestock. Can fit 2 bigger ponies or cram 4 small minis easily. ASKING $600 as is or $800 with wireing fixed...


Another person wants you to pay THEM to fix the problems with the trailer.  Those wheels look awfully rusted as does the rest of the trailer.  $200 is a better offer with the wiring fixed!

Thanks to Bif

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  1. When I see ads like this, I just laugh and say to them (even though they can't hear me)....."Good luck with that"!!!

  2. I'm so tempted to make up a fake email address and reply to stupid ads or ads with requests liek this.

    For example in winnipeg kijiji someone has a horse that was "well broken when she was three". I want to write back "so she's five now, how'd you put her back together when she was broken? did you use glue or did you weld?"

    In this case, I'd write to this guy and say "how about you pay me to take this ugly worthless eyesore off your hands? probably the best deal you'll get..."

  3. I can't imagine putting a full-sized horse in there, wiring or no wiring.

  4. I agree sprinkler, what is with these two/one horse trailers? They always look so TINY!

    When I got my mustang mare I didn't realize how tiny the trailer I was trying to convince her to get into was until she leaped in there with me unexpectedly! (long story but I had given up hope of her ever getting in there, I was sitting in the trailer while she ate hay at the door, suddenly she was IN and OVER me!)

  5. For the price it may be a great lesson in what NOT to buy. And a cheap lesson at that.

  6. "Can fit 2 bigger ponies or cram 4 small minis easily"

    I love the cram 4 minis part, and the semantics of cram and then "easily."

    I snorted.