Thursday, January 21, 2010

Only in Texas?

Inline Horse trailer - $1800 (TX)
Paid 2300.00 for this trailer. Spent another 1000.00 for new floor, wheel bearing, brakes, safety check. (have receipt) Trailer is wonderful to pull...2 inch ball.
Does need a paint job due to some rust. 6'6 height. Only reason selling is I received a taller horse and then had to get a taller trailer.

My loss is your gain.
Cash only (scammers do not call me...heard them all).
Thank you,


Always a fascinating trailer.  The trailer seems to be quite a distance back from the truck - much more so than  a regular bumper pull.  The open area on the tongue seems to be a prime spot to stick a leg in and break it (horse or human).  On the other hand, those boxes on both sides of the trailer would be real handy for all of your tools and little used items like a jack, flares etc.  I wonder why they are not installed more often on regular GN trailers?

This one looks like they took the one above and cut it in half!!  LOL

One Horse Trailer - $1900 (TX)
One Horse Trailer - New treated wood floor,New tongue n groove wood in stall area with 1/2" rubber around all walls and rear door,all new padding in stall,removable storm door above rear door,new gravel guard,hay rack,tack boxes on both sides.saddle compartment,good tires w/spare.6'6" inside height,7' on floor plus feed manger and 36" inside width. $1,900.00 Trailer is in good shape and pulls good. Serious Inquiries - CASH ONLY


And here is a third inline style from Texas - the front wheels are much further ahead of the trailer than the first one above and the fenders move with the wheels.

1980 two horse in line trailer shop made - $1750 (TX)
good trailer with alot of storage,solid floor.good rubber except one tire needs replaced .currently running on spare.swivel tongue,2" jay


  1. I imagine a horse would have difficulty loading going into that long "tunnel". These are very strange!

  2. Are there stability problems with one horse trailers? They just don't look safe to me.

  3. SB- The single horse trailers can be a little less stable since the weight distribution isn't as spaced out over a wider axle. The one featured has only a single axle so if there is a flat, it can all go south in a hurry since there is no added support from the other tire. You also can't ever take a friends horse along and who likes to ride alone all the time? That sorta limits their resale.

    MG- Don't forget, those inlines with the front swivel axle can be a royal PITA to back up!

    Another issue with inlines is there is often no front escape door large enough to get a horse through in an emergency. Plus the door between the horses may only swing back. So if the horse in the front is taken out, the divider will be tough to open if the back horses head is in the way.

  4. These are so strange. Yes, the single looks very much like a chopped double. What a riot!

    I wonder what the ride is like with the axles the way they are, so far apart... fascinating.


  5. what part of texas are we talking about I'm in oklahoma so would be nice if I could have contact#