Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm a lousy photographer

2 Horse straight load bumper pull - $2250 (ID)
This is an extra tall, extra wide (7'6" x7'6") warmblood size trailer. It's in really good condtion. Have had it since it was new. Pulls really well. Steel frame. Ramp. Large storage area. Good floor boards and mats. Good brakes, needs tires. No rust. Email me at larraxxxx@yahoo or call xxx-xxx-xxxx


These are some of the worst quality photos I have seen - what color setting did they have the camera on?  And why do people always post sideways pictures?  This could actually be a nice trailer, but the pictures make it look terrible.

Thanks to Helen


  1. Weird camera setting and strange blue-ish haze makes me feel like I am in a dream. But if I was I would be looking at NEW trailers and they would be FREE...

    I don't get the side photos either. What better way to get caught surfin the web, than tilting your head.

  2. Merhows are great trailers, and it looks like it's in decent shape. But you sure as heck can't tell from those photos!