Monday, February 8, 2010

A Sheep Trailer

Home built Horse Trailer - $425 (OH)
We are selling a home built horse trailer that we purchased for transporting our sheep. We have decided that we could use a small flatbed trailer more than this one so we are selling it. Trailer is in good condition and has been stored indoors. Used to have a fabric roof. Firm on price.

Rachel sent me this gem of a trailer with these comments:
I just had to send this trailer to you. Its a homemade plywood trailer! If my eyes are seeing correctly I believe even the FLOORING is plywood. Yikes!

This would make for a dangerous trailer for a horse.  Might be OK for a mini.

Thanks to Rachel


  1. Just a few observations here, but why would sheep need a butt chain? Or a manger? Or a divider? A front escape door?

    Anyone? Anyone? Beuler, Bueler, Bueler...

  2. I was thinking the front area allowed for sequestering of a lamb, or a ram... but now I think I was mistaken.

    And as C-n-J mentioned, what's with the butt chain?? Little tall for any sheep I've seen...