Thursday, February 11, 2010

Purple Nurple

$4,000 (NE)
1995 Titan Goosneck 3 Horse Stock/Combo. 16' floor, and 7' ceiling. Removable stall dividers, folding tack wall, removable saddle rack, and fold down goosneck bunk railing. Plywood interior walls, and floor is like new. Exterior is Purple and has some surface rust, mostly on roof. Tires are in fair condition. Great work or starter trailer.

From Retento:

I seen this trailer...

And this guy came to my mind.....

Then, this refreshing mind altering chemical substance came to mind!!!

LOL!! Retento

Retento is my guest contributor today  :-)  Thanks for the laugh!

Here is the link to the trailer to see it in all its purple glory!!


  1. It's actually not a bad trailer, just not as a purple people eater!

  2. I love purple! doesnt really go with my light blue truck tho, darn!

  3. Something to haul "My Little Ponies" in
    bbbwwwaaahhhhaaaa ahhaaaaaa

  4. I could rock that! I am so going through a purple phase right now... And it would look good pulled behind our dark blue Ford. Loaded with mares of course. The stallions may have an issue with showing up in a 'girl' trailer.