Monday, February 8, 2010

I know horses, so let my babysit for you!


Need a Baby/Child Sitter While You Ride? - $8 (VA)
I am a young, energetic mother of an 18 month old little boy that also has my own private rescue/boarding facility. As someone that often feels like I dont have enough time to ride because I am a stay at home Mom, I thought Id see if there is a need for a horse savvy babysitter.
There are several options, perhaps I can come to your farm, or you can trailer into my farm.. We have a wonderful riding ring with soft footing and a full set of jumps. We have a great child play area and clean, happy, child-proof environment!
We are conveniently located off Rt 522 and Rt 20.
Im open to ideas.. Thanks!

I couldn't care less if my babysitter was horse savvy - I would want them to be baby savvy!!!!

(Kudos for being willing to work though!!)


  1. Actually she may have something there. A boarding facility with a small playground and babysitting could be a good thing. Bring the kid with a snack, we watch them while you ride and care for your horse- what Mom wouldn't love that? That could be a great thing.

    The daycare aspect of it would have to be a bit separated off, contained in it's own area for safety measures, $20 per use, time limit of 2 hours per visit (plenty of time to tack up have a lesson, rinse off and put the horse away) but otherwise it could very well take off and be a booming business. I think she could be on to something.

  2. I agree, CNJ, she is on to something. I just think she is going about it the wrong way. My first priority would be the safety and well being of my child - what are her qualifications for that? Just having a child of her own does not mean that she is qualified. Her horse knowledge/facility would certainly be a bonus. :-)