Monday, February 22, 2010

A Pumper Pull!!

4 to 6 horse trailer pumper pull - $1200 (WA)
This trailer needs some welding. It is a dark solid brown color. It is low to the gound with two axels. It is all enclosed no windows to open, just grates for air. it is not a stock trailer it was fancy in its day (70's). The horse area is 19 feet long and 5 feet 6 wide the ceiling is 84" tall.There is no manger, it is all open. i put 6 horses in slant but is has no dividers. i have a divider to put in when we put two in the front and motorcycles in the back. It has 3 escape doors and a front exit door with ramp for the horses. the ramp needs new wood. the floors are excellent and has good mats. It has a reach in full upright tack area in the front that we put 6 saddle racks in it and lots of briddle hooks. the trailer is 21 feet long and my suburban and motor home pull it fine. we take it in the mountains and on road trips it pulls nice. i can send you pics if interested. i will be fixing it up when i get my tax return and it will be for sell then for 3500.


Wow - what a mess.  That front photo looks like an abandoned railroad car.  Like Helen wrote - how appropriate that it is from a place called Old Town!

Thanks to Helen.


  1. Some things just need to be scrapped. This is a prime example.

  2. Krylon is your friend.

    But then sometimes a Bic and kindling are too!

    It sounds like the trailer fits their needs, just not as nice looking cosmeticly speaking. Can't blame them for trying to unload it.

    I would just put the money towards the new trailer instead of fixing this one up and asking more for it. Leave this one at the $1200 price and drop it if necessary. Let it help fund the new trailer too.

  3. The first picture... it looks kind of odd with where the wheels are... Like it will bow downward in back if there were horses in there!