Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some more fun projects!

Project 2 Horse Trailer - $350 (OK)
Project trailer! New floor but the area where the hay goes needs completed. Side panels need welded, no center divider. Two axles, tires flat but will air up. Bumper pull. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx. or email me.


This is too funny - "tires flat but will air up"

Why do they think that posting a picture of the sheriff logo will help sell the trailer?  It also looks like they have several projects waiting to be done.


Here is another beauty!! 

Horse Trailer - $500 (KY)
I bought this trailer with the intentions of repairing it. School and work took over and the trailer has been sitting for 5 years. The wiring is new, the inside has been sanded down and rust prohibitor applied, the boards for the floor are in good shape as well. The trailer needs work. (needs doors on the back or a ramp) Please email if you are interested. Thanks!!


It needs a lot more than they listed.  Starting with tires..............
I guess everyone gets a project with the intentions of finishing it.  Sadly, few ever do.  It just gets passed to the next ambitious person.
Both of these lovely trailers were sent in by Bif - thanks!

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  1. The first one- maybe they are hoping the sheriffs sticker will keep them out of trouble. Like a get out of jail free card?

    The second one- two words. Rust Bucket.

    'nuff said.