Friday, February 26, 2010

How about a 'crusty' trailer?

Cheap Crusty Old Horse Trailer - $600 (DE)
Cheap old horse trailer, a 2 horse Cotner in crusty shape. It is extra tall, 7 foot and extra wide and has extra room in the front for tack or junk. It has been sitting for a couple years and needs a few things to be perfect. One tire is leaking slowly and the ramp spring is broken so it is very heavy to put up. They have the spring at TSC though for about $25. If you can jerk this out of the 4 foot drifts it is in and pump the tires, this will travel down the road fine. It has rubber mats inside and on the ramp. It has a removeable center partition and stowable rear doors. The frame is steel so it is pretty heavy and will track good. The top is fiberglass and the jack is operatable. There are some rust spots all over and on the frame so this is by no means perfect but what can you expect for $600. This was not a cheap trailer and I have put over 300,000 miles on it easily, racing horses at every track within 200 miles of here for many years. It has never been wrecked, but I did hit a goose landing on the freeway in Pennsylvania years ago. The price is $600, not 400 or 500 so if you are not prepared for this do not waste my time. Call Mike at xxx-xxx-xxxx


For a cheap trailer, Mike sure wants a lot of money.  Plus he expects you to shovel it out and pump up the tire!!!!!  And with 300,000 miles on it, it probably needs new axles in addition to everything else he listed.

Thanks to Jenn


  1. People just amaze need to pull it out of the snowbank, fill up the tires because they are flat and give him $600 (and NO less), but he's worried about you wasting HIS time! Yeah 'whatever' buddy!

  2. Niiiice!

    I hate to say it or generalize like this, but another woman told me once, "All guys named Mike are Assholes!"

    This and the one I dated would be proof to her theory being correct.

  3. I don't know... he's honest about its condition, and it is a good sized one. We've certainly seen much worse asking for much, much more. Not saying I would want to put in the work, but I think someone could fix it and be quite happy with it.

    And he is rather funny, crusty goose and all!